Alain Michaud

Alain Michaud works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Alain can be reached at 613-998-6925

Alain Michaud's team

Alan Steele GM, Measurement Science & Standards 613-993-9384
Ali Momenimovahed Research Associate
Andrew Oldershaw Discipline Leader, Measurement Sys Integ
Angela Gamouras Research Associate
Angelo Beraldin Research Officer 613-999-9999 x99999
Arnold Gaertner Research Officer 613-993-9344
Benjamin Tam Technical Officer 613-990-6937
Bill Hardstaff Analytical Chemistry Technical Officer 902-426-9736
Brad Methven Technical Officer 613-998-4237
Branislav Djokic Research Officer 613-990-5371
Bryan Muir Research Associate 613-993-2715
Carlos Sanchez Discipline Leader 613-990-9079
Chantal Prévost Technical Officer, Electrical Standards 613-993-2898
Cheryl Rafuse Phytoplankton Technical Officer 902-426-8273
Christina Brophy Technical Officer 613-993-3520
Claude Attendu Executive Director - Quebec Region 450-641-5305
Claudiu Cojocaru Research Officer 613-993-9352
Daniel Clavel Tech Officer, Nanoparticle Diagnostics 613-990-7062
Daniel Beach Research Associate, Analytical Chemistry
Dave Angelo Tech Off, Electrical Power Measurements 613-993-7301
David Lockwood RESEARCH OFFICER 613-993-9614
David Kennedy Research Officer 613-900-8065
David Marchington TO, Electron Accelerator Lab 613-993-2197
David Rodriguez Administrative Assistant - Portfolio 613-993-9051 300 Slater Street
Denise Coulter Reg Contrtibution Agreements Off - Ont 905-479-9243
Don Leek Technical Officer 613-993-6356
Don Woods Technical Officer 613-993-9377
Douglas Gee Technical Officer 613-993-2393
Douglas McIntyre Technical Officer 613-990-9120
Eddy So Research Officer, Elec Pwr Msrment 613-990-5806

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