Aaren Bebar

Aaren Bebar works as Central Facilities Operator for National Research Council Canada.
Aaren can be reached at 613-993-5170

Aaren Bebar's team

Adam Kirchhefer Facility Engineer, Wind Tunnel
Ahmad Sadek Research Officer 514-283-9280
Ahmed Damir Res. Officer, Material Removal 514-283-9304
Alain Lemire Senior Instrumentation Technologist 613-998-6841
Alanna Wall Program Manager, Bluff Body Aerodynamics 613-993-1942
Ali Yousefpour Group Leader, Composites Manufacturing 514-283-9407
Amin Fereidooni Research Officer
Anant Grewal Research Officer, Structural Dynamics 613-991-5465
Andre Rollin Stores Supply Clerk 613-998-3130
André Beltempo IFOST Project Engineer 613-993-1019
Andrew Corber Research Council Officer, Combustion 613-991-0642
Andrew Christie SrTechOfficer, Structures Facility Mgr 613-991-0169
Andrew Ott Technical Officer, Emission Analysis Sup 613-990-8751
Andrew Sullivan Director Operations 613-993-9447
Annick D'Auteuil Research Officer 613-993-2828
Anthony Brown Research Engineer Test Pilot 613-998-3327
Azzedine Dadouche Research Officer 613-991-9529
Behnam Ashrafi Research Officer
Ben Thibault TO, Strctures and Materials Test Support 613-993-8273
Bernard Tanguay Research Council Officer 613-998-3122

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