Ajit Pardasani

Ajit Pardasani works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Ajit can be reached at 613-991-4189

Ajit Pardasani's team

Ahmed Kashef Director, Research and Development 613-993-2204
Ahmed Attar Technical Advisor, Structural Design 613-993-3807
Alex Bwalya Research Officer, Fire Resistance 613-993-9739
Alex Wang TechOfficer Urban Infrastructure 613-993-3804
Amor Duric TO, Performance Roof Systems Insulation 613-993-9617
Anca Galasiu Technical Officer, Lighting Group 613-993-9670
Andrew Kim Research Officer, Fire Risk 613-993-9555
Anne Gribbon Commission Secretary, Bldg & Fire Codes 613-993-5569
Barry Craig Technical Advisor
Bas Baskaran GL BES Per Roof Syst and Insulation 613-990-3616
Bassem Saassouh Research Officer, Concrete Structures 613-993-6290
Boualem Ouazia Research Officer/Indoor Air Quality 613-993-9613
Caroline Gorman Project Management Coordinator 613-993-9075
Carsen Banister Research Officer
Chantal Arsenault Technical Officer, Lighting Group 613-993-9675
Claudine Laforce Editor Publications 902-365-6150
Daniel Cusson Research Officer, Concrete Structures 613-998-7361
Daniel Booth TO, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality 613-993-9696
Daniel Péloquin Translator 613-993-6352
Daniel Aubin Research Officer, Field Study 613-998-8551

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