Aïssa Harhira

Aïssa Harhira works as Research Associate for National Research Council Canada.
Aïssa can be reached at 450-641-5100

Aïssa Harhira's team

Adam Tuck RCO, Systems Integration Engineer 604-221-3058
Alain Blouin Group Leader, Ultrasonic Diagnostics 450-641-5112
Alison Platt Engineer 604-221-3008
Allison Fitzgerald Administrative Assistant 604-221-3021 4250 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Andre Moreau Research Officer 450-641-5237
Andre Hamel Technical Officer 450-641-5110
André Beauchesne Lab Processing Technologist 450-641-5086
Andrew Reynolds General Manager 604-221-3024 4250 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Andrzej Nicalek Lab Processing Technologist 613-993-9540
Ashwani Kumar Research Officer 613-998-0498
Bussaraporn Patarachao TO, Materials Characterization 613-991-5395
Cheng Huang Modeling and Applications Officer 604-221-3050
Christian Padioleau Technical Officer 450-641-5211
Christian Neron Technical Officer 450-641-5087
Christina Bock Research Officer, Electrochemical Tech 613-990-2252
Christine Maynard Technical Officer 514-496-6148
Christine Dubois Administrative Assistant 613-993-2268
Cindy Jiang Tech Officer, Separation Technology 613-993-9574
Colin Sun Technical Officer, Unit Cell Testing 604-221-5571
Cyrille Decès-Petit RCO, Electrochemical Engineering 604-221-3125

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