Alain Désilets

Alain Désilets works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Alain can be reached at 613-990-2813

Alain Désilets's team

Afshin Dadvand Research Associate 613-993-6383
Alain Tchagang Research Officer 613-993-5716
Alicia Kam Team Leader 613-993-5978
Alireza Loghmany Research Council Officer 613-990-7482
Andrew Bezinger Research Council Officer, Microfabricatn 613-993-7885
Andriy Drozdyuk Applications Development Specialist 506-444-0537
Anna Kazantseva Research Officer 613-993-0624
Anne DeGrandpré Administrative Support 613-993-0210
Badrou Aich Research Council Officer 613-993-5765
Barry Isenor Technical Officer, Fab 1
Bernard Paquette Research Council Officer
Bill Benyon Technical Officer, Process Development 613-993-2006
Bob Foster Technical Officer
Boris Lamontagne Research Officer 613-990-7434
Bruno Emond Research Officer 613-993-0154
Cédric Martin Applications Development Specialist 506-444-0490
Chang Shu Research Officer 613-993-7892
Chaouki Regoui Research Officer 506-861-4714
Cheng He Research Council Officer 613-998-9405
Chengbi Dai Applications Development Specialist 613-993-0284
Christina Elliott Technical Officer 613-993-8029
Christophe Py Team Leader 613-990-3598
Christopher Drummond Team Leader 613-993-0252
Chunsheng Yang Research Officer 613-993-0262
Craig Storey Technical Officer 613-998-5303
Dan Dalacu Research Officer 613-990-7447
Dan Roth Technical Officer, Microfabrication 613-993-0279
Daniel McDonald Applications Development Specialist 506-444-6002
Danny D'Amours Coordinator, Software Development 506-444-0495
Darlene Stewart Applications Development Specialist 613-993-0690

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