Abdelkader Benhalima

Abdelkader Benhalima works as Research Associates for National Research Council Canada.
Abdelkader can be reached at 450-641-5148

Abdelkader Benhalima's team

Alan Hendley Project Management Technologist 613-991-1729
Albert Wahba Team Lead, Rail Testng and Instrumentr 613-949-0061
Alexis Laforgue Research Officer 450-641-5222
Allan Gillett Technical Officer 519-430-7091
Andrew Anderson Technical Officer, Mechanic 613-991-5519
Andrew Conquer Project Management Technologist 613-991-5518
Anna Bardetti Research Council Officer 450-641-5370
Asmae Mokrini Research Officer 450-641-5024
Benoit Campagna Supervisor, Labs 613-998-7838
Bernard Harvey Technical Officer 450-641-5210
Blaine Peterson Director R&D, Rail 613-998-6817
Boyce Wark Technician, Logistic Support 613-990-7432
Brian Gibson Technology Specialist 519-430-7018
Bruce Gaudet Intermediate Test & Evaluation Engineer 613-998-7628
Caroline Vachon Project Manager 450-641-5185
Chantal Coulombe Technical Officer 450-641-5155
Christopher Messer Lab Processing Technologist 613-998-3384
Clarisse Kabatesi Operations Coordinator 613-990-8395
Colette Desmarais Supervisor Portfolio Administrative Svcs 450-641-5021
Cristian Tabra Program Leader, Ground Vehicles 613-998-9376
Cristian Iorga Research Officer
Cristian Cojocaru Research Officer 450-641-5147
Damien Maillard RO, Advanced Polymer Comp. & Bioproducts 450-641-5058
Danick Gallant Research Officer 418-545-5096
Daniel Szablewski Engineer
Daniel Roy Director, Special Initiatives 613-993-3772
Daniel Simard Technical Officer 450-641-5056
Danielle Trudel Administrative Assistant 450-641-5858
Dany Drolet Technical Officer, Casting Processes 418-545-5277
Darrell Tremblay Junior Mechanical Design Engineer 613-949-9645

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