Bernadette Kennedy

Bernadette Kennedy works as Intelligence Specialist for National Research Council Canada.
Bernadette can be reached at 902-426-0683

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Intelligence Specialist
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
Knowledge, Information and Technology Services
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Bernadette Kennedy's team

Abdool Yassin
Adam Frankowski Senior Systems Analyst/Technical Lead 613-990-8132
Adel Labidi Digital Initiatives Analyst
Adnan Sarwar
Alain Borsi Manager, Intelligence and Analytics 450-641-5416
Alexandra Freeland Director, Library & Information Mgmt Srv 613-991-9988
Alexandru Stefanescu Programmer Analyst, Application Dev't 613-991-2596
Alexei Chugunov Senior Systems Analyst/Technical Lead 613-993-0324 1200 Montreal Road
Alfred Ditullio Project Leader/Technical Advisor, C&PPM 613-993-9434
Allan Fields 613-990-5179
Allan Christian Soriano Student
Allison Kelley Senior Manager, Collections Services 613-998-4668 1200 Montreal Road
Amanda Jorgensen Summer Student
Andrea Sobotova Computer Support Specialist 613-998-5580
Angela Mason Senior Business Analyst
Anh-Tuyet Nguyen Software Quaility Assurance Specialist 613-990-0182
Anthony Bonner Computer Support Specialist 604-221-3128
Anthony Fisher Team Leader, Application Development 613-991-3614
Art Ross Metadata Support Assistant 613-991-9486
Athanasios Pezoulas 613-990-8951
Bakhtyar Shafi Financial Systems Senior Analyst 613-990-6876
Bartholomew Breedyk Computer Support Specialist 613-993-5326
Bertrand Muller Computer Support Specialist 613-220-7522
Brenda Brady Intelligence Analyst 902-367-7552
Brenda Dain Computer Support Specialist 613-991-3119
Brent Smyth Manager, Enterprise Architecture 613-990-2125
Brian Colton Senior Analyst, S&T Outlook 613-993-1195
Brigitte Joyal Library Services Officer 613-990-9186
Brugnoly Nkole Cialu Co-op Student
Caecilia Geraghty Co-op Student
Carine Wisniewski Senior ATIP Officer 613-993-6328
Carl Hallé Director, IT Operations 613-993-0969
Carrie Boegel Information Management Officer 613-990-7227
Catherine Ea Database Analyst 613-993-0445
Chad Moreau Computer Support Specialist 613-410-5561
Chantal Ripp Senior Manager, Data and Repository Serv 613-998-8877
Chantale Boulanger Reference Specialist 514-496-4254
Charlene Mathias Programmer/Analyst 613-991-3392
Charles Kingsley Manager, Cyber Defence 613-991-2652
Charles Wilson Computer Support Specialist 613-990-0329

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