Gérard Dicks Pellerin

Gérard Dicks Pellerin works as Digital Media Advisor for National Research Council Canada.
Gérard can be reached at 613-993-8563

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Dicks Pellerin
Digital Media Advisor
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
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Gérard Dicks Pellerin's team

Alessia Bongiovanni (2018) Project Manager
Alicia Gagnon (2019) Junior Media Relations Officer
Andrew Norgaard (2017) DG, Communications & Corporate Relations 613-990-7438
Anne Duggan Senior Communications Advisor 613-991-9212
Anne-Marie Brugger (2018) Communications Team Leader 613-990-2499
Annie Roy (2019) Director Public Affairs 613-990-5380
Beatrice St-Jacques Administrative Assistant 613-993-1222 1200 Montreal Road
Cara Chartrand Communications Advisor 613-991-9206
Carole Duval Senior Communications Advisor 450-641-5033
Catherine Roberge Social Media Advisor
Cathryn Steel Communications Advisor 902-426-6003
Charles Drouin (2018) Head, Media Relations 613-990-1572
Charlotte Lauzon Communications Officer
Christian Pitre Bindery Operator 613-993-2054
Christine Larade Senior Communications Advisor 902-426-4156
Christine Plourde (2018) Internet Communications Officer 613-998-1288
Christine Aquino Director Strategic Comms 613-949-7550
Christine Armstrong Digital Media Advisor
Christopher Colyer Digital Media Advisor 613-949-9649
Cindy Hauck Administrative Assistant 613-993-9166 1200 Montreal Road
Claire Doggart (2018) Communications Coordinator 613-998-9771
Colin Clarke Communications Officer 613-990-4978
Dana Cranstone Graphic Designer 613-990-2972
Danielle Nasrallah Manager Strategic Communications 613-993-1224
Diane Caouette (2017) Internet Communications Officer 613-993-0232
Diane-Helene Caouette Junior Digital Media Officer 613-993-0232
Elaine Dupuis Administrative Assistant 613-998-6846 1200 Montreal Road
Eleni Armenakis (2017) Media Monitoring Officer
Emily Ennett (2017) Co-op student 902-407-7429
Flora Fahr Senior Communications Advisor
Gabrielle Giasson Media Relations Officer 613-990-6091
Gerry Chartrand Digital Media Advisor 613-990-9646
Helene Letourneau Communications Advisor 613-991-9920
Hélène Alarie Administrative Assistant 613-993-1222
Isabelle Lanteigne Head, Translation Services 613-993-5797 1200 Montreal Road
Jennifer Vuong (2018) Communications Officer 613-998-8573
Jennifer O'Brien-Tomka Communications Advisor 613-998-9500
Jihane Rahimi Junior Digital Media Officer 613-993-7271
Josee Legare Senior Communications Advisor
Julie Cantin (2018) Senior Internet Communications Officer 613-998-0736

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