Ahmed Zayed

Ahmed Zayed works as Manager for Canadian Heritage.

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[email protected]
Street Address
25 Eddy Street, 4th Floor, Room 298 (view on map)
Postal Code
K1A 0M5
Canadian Heritage
Canadian Heritage
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Ahmed Zayed's team

Abdenbi Zouitni 819-956-6696 25 Eddy Street , 13th Floor, Room 205 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Abigail Taylor 15 Eddy Street Gatineau Quebec Canada
adele demers 30 Metcalfe Street , 000th Floor, Room 000 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Adnan Hadzimahovic Tax Credit Officer 819-934-9858 25 Eddy Street , 8th Floor, Room 9 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Alex Shlega CRM Architect 15 Eddy Street Gatineau Quebec Canada
Alexa Henry Administrative Assistant 604-340-2286 351 Abbott Street Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Alexander William Pickett 873-353-7756 15 Eddy Street , 5th Floor, Room 54B Gatineau Quebec Canada
Alexandra Irakoze Junior Analyst 819-934-4145 25 Eddy Street, 13th floor, office 201A Gatineau Quebec Canada
Alexandre Cousineau Coordonnateur principal technique 15 Eddy Street , 11th Floor, Room 176D Gatineau Quebec Canada
Alexei Thérien Junior Research Analyst 819-956-8036 15 Eddy Street, 16th Floor, Room 54 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Amanda Sharaf Director, Policy Development 819-997-6998 25 Eddy Street, 13th Floor Gatineau Quebec Canada
Amanda Ogilvie 613-998-3721 1030 Innes Street , 2nd Floor, Room 217E Ottawa Ontario Canada
Amelia Manera Manager; Legislative and Parliamentary Issues 819-953-6236 25 Eddy Street Ottawa Canada
Amelie Caron 30 Metcalfe Street , 000th Floor, Room 000 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Amélie Gélinas Policy officer 819-956-2118 25 Eddy Street , 12th Floor, Room 116 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Amy Baldwin Junior Program Assistant 306-780-6955 400-1975 Scarth Street Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Andre Trepanier 819-994-2964 15 Eddy Street Gatineau Quebec Canada
André Adams-Robenhymer Policy and Planning 819-953-2628 25 Eddy Street, 8th floor, office 196 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Andrea Cooper Program Officer 709-772-6087 10 Barter's Hill 3rd floor , Room 5879 St-John Newfoundland Canada
Andrée-Ann Cyr Student 819-994-9778 15 Eddy Street Gatineau Quebec Canada
Andrée-Ann Levis-Chalut Adjointe Administrative 819-934-1398 25 Eddy Street , 8th Floor, Room 216 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Andrée-Anne Alarie 819-997-7442 25 Eddy Street , 7th Floor, Room 107 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Andrew Webb 437-991-7695 180 Queen Street West Toronto Ontario Canada
Angel Garcia 25 Eddy Street , 8th Floor, Room 218 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Angela Kiraly Adjointe Administrative 999-9999 15 Eddy 16e bureau 60 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Anne Gagne Financial Advisor 819-934-0103 25 Eddy Street , 4th Floor, Room 297 Gatineau Quebec Canada
Anne Kingsbury 819-953-3798 15 Eddy Street Gatineau Quebec Canada
Anne Desrosiers Junior Program Officer 15 Eddy Street, floor 8, office 48B Gatineau Quebec Canada
Anne LeBlanc Regional Manager, Financial Services 506-866-5298 1045 Main Street Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Anne-Marie Plante HR & Financial Administration Officer 819-934-5055 25 Eddy Street 11th floor office 135 Gatineau Quebec Canada

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