Ayesha Malette

Ayesha Malette worked as Senior Policy Analyst for Democratic Institutions.
Ayesha could be reached at 613-952-4994

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Senior Policy Analyst
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85 Sparks Street (view on map)
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Democratic Institutions
Democratic Institutions
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Ayesha Malette's team

Abigail Garwood (2020) Special Assistant Paliamentary Affairs
Cassandra Millar (2021) Special Administrative Assistant
Chloe McIsaac (2019) Departmental Assistant
Christopher Evelyn (2017) Policy Advisor
Cid Cabillan (2018) Student
Dan Lindenas (2018) Director of Parliamentary Affairs 613-996-3375 249 Wellington Street
Danielle Keenan (2018) Issues Manager 204-983-1355 229 Wellington Street
Donovan Allen (2019) Director of Parliamentary Affairs
Eddy Atallah (2019) Administrative Assistant
Goldie Mitchell (2017) Special Assistant
Hall Matthew (2019) Policy Advisor
James Cudmore (2020) Director of Policy 613-996-3100 101 Colonel By Dr
Jamieson Rees (2018) Special Assistant
Jean-Sébastien Côté (2020) Policy Advisor
Jean-Sébastien Coté (2017) Policy Advisor
Jocasta Boone (2017) Special Assistant, Communications
John O'Leary (2017) Director of Communications 819-654-5611 140 Promenade du Portage, Phase IV, 12 Floor
Jordan Owens (2018) Director of Communications
Karina Gould (2021) Minister
Kelsey MacDonald (2019) Senior Special Assistant, Parliamentary Affairs
Laura LeBel (2018) Director of Policy
Liam Kirkpatrick (2018) Student
Linda Hooper (2020) Executive Assistant
Lori Turnbull (2017) A/Departmental Assistant
Madeleine Case (2018) Student
Margaret Jaques (2021) Communication Advisor 613-995-0881 249 Wellington Street
Mark Jarvis (2017) A/Departmental Assistant 613-882-0390 344 Slater Street, 13th Floor
Maryam Monsef (2017) Minister
Maryam Moncef (2016) Minister
Matthew Hall (2021) Policy Advisor
McLean Wallace (2019) Issues Manager
Mitchell Goldie (2017) Special Assistant
Naji Lamia (2016) Executive Assistant
Nicky Cayer (2018) Press Secretary
Nimra Noman (2016) Intern
Rob Jamieson (2020) Chief of Staff
Samantha Nadler (2018) Policy Advisor 613-995-0882 249 Wellington Street
Shawn Sylvestre (2020) Special Assistant 819-654-5611 140 Promenade du Portage, Phase IV, 12 Floor
Simon Ouellet (2017) Departmental Assistant
Valerie Sawyer (2020) Special Assistant

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