Danie Cousineau

Danie Cousineau works as Corporate Secretary for Canadian Dairy Commission.
Danie can be reached at 613-792-2016

Danie Cousineau's team

Alistair Johnston Chairperson 604-761-5373 960 Carling Avenue, Building 55, Floor Main Level, Room 204 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Henricus Bos Commissioner 403-391-9627 960 Carling Avenue, Floor 1, Room 206 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Jacques Laforge Chief Executive Officer 613-792-2060 960 Carling Ave, Building 55, CEF, Floor Ground, Room 201A Ottawa Ontario Canada
Karen Bélanger Executive Assistant 613-792-2061 960 Carling Ave, Building 55, CEF, Floor Ground Flo, Room 202 Ottawa Ontario Canada

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