Abbas El-Abaza

Abbas El-Abaza works as ATIP Analyst for Health Canada.
Abbas can be reached at 613-618-1947

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Health Canada
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Abbas El-Abaza's team

Amanda Cox ATIP Analyst 613-404-4589
Amy Duguay (2019) Jr ATIP Office 343-999-7253 10 WELLINGTON ST,18TH FLORR
Ana Maria Blanchette (2019) Privacy Analyst 613-854-6568
Andrea Saulnier Team Leadert 613-716-9254 90 Elgin St
Andrea Burrows ATIP Team Leader
Barclay Easton (2019) Chief 613-793-2582
Betania Osorio (2018) Analyst 613-854-4076
Billal Ghadban Senior Analyst 613-462-6417
Carolyn Pennett Analyst 343-542-4128
Carrie-Ann Wilson Team Leader 613-854-6532
Cassie MacAndrew-Donnelly Team Leader 613-296-4299
Catherine Stewart (2018) Senior Privacy Analyst 613-863-5729
Catherine Chang Clerk, Access to Information and Privacy 613-854-6536
Cathy Lanthier Senior Program Support 613-286-7386
Christina David (2020) ATIP Analyst 343-998-1894
Christine Lacroix (2019) ATIP Officer 613-410-7715
Colette-Anne Cyr (2018) Senior Analyst 613-854-6558
Corin Metzger (2019) ATIP Clerk 613-698-7746
Curtis Mathews Team Leader 613-302-1721
Daniele Gratton Administrative Officer 613-715-1781
Dave Cullen Analyst 613-863-6351
Dawn Caron ATIP Clerk 613-404-5792
Debbie D Desjardins (2019) 555-555-5555
Debbie D Desjardins SOS Coordinator 613-954-1766
Deborah Adams (2019) ATIP Consultant Consultante 613-555-5555
Diane Bond (2018) ATIP Analyst / Analyste AIPRP 613-852-7392
Diane T Bond ATIP Analyst 613-852-7392
Dorilyn Bruce ATIP Clerk / Commis AIPRP 613-404-8253
Geneviève Hébert-Jodoin Junior Analyst 613-555-5555
Hannia Saeed Zaman Senior Operational Officer 613-736-3523
Hussein Moussa ATIP Analyst 613-614-8616
Ian Cox-Leigh (2019) Analyst, Access to Information and Privacy Division 613-854-6581
Irene Boilard (2019) ATIP Consultant 613-406-9538
James Smith Junior Analyst 613-854-5333
Jeff D Eckhardt ATIP Team Leader 613-693-0782
Jeremy Stern (2018) ATIP Clerk 613-854-6538
Jessica Fortin Policy Analyst 343-543-3110
Jessica Lacroix ATIP Clerk 613-954-9165
Jill Steele Senior ATIP Analyst 613-404-9463
Joan Mann (2019) ATIP Consustant Consultante AIPRP 343-542-3076

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