Canada Council for the Arts

Organization Structure

Canada Council for the Arts
+ Board


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdelaziz Eddahabi Programmer/Analyst 613-566-4414 x4040
Adam Freeborn (!) Front End Developer 613-566-4414
Adam Meisner Officer 613-566-4414 x6673
Aditya Shetty (!) Programmer/Analyst 613-566-4414 x4087
Aimé Dontigny Director 613-566-4414 x5240
Alain Monast Program Officer 613-566-4414 x4081
Alan Shain Disability Arts Officer 613-566-4414 x4689
Alejandro Contreras Graphic Designer 613-566-4414 x4493
Aleksandra Rakovic Program Assistant 613-566-4414 x4483
Alessandra Cadelli (!) Program Assistant 613-566-4414 x4533
Alexandra Salmon-Bobek Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to the Secretary General 613-566-4414 x4551
Alexis Philiptchenko (!) Financial Administrative Assistant 613-566-4414 x5555
Alexis Andrew (!) Director 613-566-4414 x4522
Amanda Lovell Senior Administrative Assistant 613-566-4414 x5226
Americo Giamberardino Framer 613-566-4414 x4683
Amy Jenkins Manager 613-566-4414 x5606
Anabelle Masclet Translator/Revisor (French) 613-566-4414 x5021
André Jutras Program Officer 613-566-4414 x5071
André Cléroux Manager 613-566-4414 x4010
Andrea Della Valle (!) Program Officer 613-566-4414 x5265
Andrée Parent Receptionist 613-566-4414 x4032
Andreina Baquero Administrative Assistant 613-566-4414 x4152
Andres Reina (!) Program Assistant 613-566-4414 x4052
Andrew Steinmetz Program Officer 613-566-4414 x4100
Angèle Cyr Program Officer 613-566-4414 x4168
Anna Porter (!) Council Member 613-566-4414 x4208
Anna Khimasia (!) Program Officer 613-566-4414 x4679
Anne Ouimet Program Assistant 613-566-4414 x4487
Antonio Frabotta Information Technology Support Specialist 613-566-4414 x4044
April Yorke (!) Coordinator 613-566-4414 x4133
Arash Mohtashami-Maali (!) Director 613-566-4414 x5570
Ashley Tardif-Bennett Public Relations and Social Media Advisor 613-566-4414 x6030
Aubree Moriarty Officer 613-566-4414 x4678
Audrey Courval (!) Program Assistant, Education and Youth 613-566-4414 x4552
Barbara Burley (!) Council Member 613-566-4414 x4208
Benoît Rollin (!) Program Officer 613-566-4414 x4543
Bethsy Lezama Senior Administrative Assistant 613-566-4414 x4526
Beverley Foy Council Member 613-566-4414 x4201
Bhupinder Singh (!) Programmer/Analyst 613-566-4414
Brenda Stehelin (!) Council Member 613-566-4414 x4208
Brenda Lortie Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-566-4414 x6005
Brendan A. de Montigny (!) Art Consultant 613-566-4414 x4489
Brian Redmond Director 613-566-4414 x4067
Brigitte Gour Senior Administrative Assistant 613-566-4414 x5149
Brigitte Fontille Program Officer 613-566-4414 x4571
Bryan Croft Program Manager 613-566-4414 x5506
Burton Cooper (!) Web Application Specialist 613-239-3943
Carey-Ann MacLean (!) Program Assistant 613-566-4414 x4094
Carla Bell Program Assistant 613-566-4414 x4258
Carole Boileau Chief Financial Officer and Chief Security Officer, Office of the CFO 613-566-4414 x4045