Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Joanisse Investigator 613-941-6764
André Pilote Investigator 613-946-2015
Brian Radford General Counsel 613-946-2141
Caroline Hall Case Admissibility Analyst 613-948-7040
Chantal Vant A/Manager Case Analysis 613-954-5174
Christian Santarossa Senior Investigator 613-946-2060
Christine Lamadeleine Communications Advisor 613-941-8272
Daniel Hambrook Case Admissibility Analyst 613-954-5174
Edith Lachapelle Manager, Communications 613-946-2138
Éliane Léon Intake Assistant 613-954-0139
Elisabeth Gebhard Administrative Assistant, Investigations and Inquiries 613-946-2118
Éric Trottier Manager, Financial Services 613-941-6536
France Duquette Deputy Commissioner 613-946-2142
Gail Gauvreau (!) Senior Investigator, Investigations and Inquiries 613-941-6764
Geneviève Noël-Bisson (!) Case Admissibility Analyst 613-946-2123
Heidi Bartman Senior Policy and Research Advisor 613-941-7624
James Nelson Policy and Research Analyst 613-948-6954
Jean-Charles Ducharme Senior Counsel 613-941-8610
Joe Friday Commissioner 613-948-9178
Marie-Josée Michaud Financial & Administrative Officer 613-946-2143
Maryse St-Pierre (!) Financial and Administrative Officer 613-954-0078
Monique Halloran Executive Services Manager 613-948-9178
Nicole Sacharuk Investigator 613-954-5163
Nicole Hoszko (!) Investigator 613-954-5163
Patricia Fraser Manager, Financial Services 613-954-0083
Patrick Martel Investigator 613-948-7133
Raynald Lampron Director of Operations 613-941-6304
Sonia Virc Senior Counsel 613-941-6537
Sophie Gagnon-Morasse Case Admissibility analyst 613-948-7092
Tina Economopoulos Case Admissibility Analyst 613-946-2078
Valerie Martinelli (!) Case Admissibility Analyst 613-946-2122
Valérie Petit (!) Communications Advisor 613-948-1122