Office of the Secretary to the Governor General


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdou Abdourahaman (!) Decorations and Medals Officer 800-465-6890
Adolé Akueson Military Badges Program & Heraldic Production Assistant 613-991-2230
Akandeka Naneth Likele (!) Correspondence Assistant 613-993-2189
Alexandre Lanteigne-Voyer ADC 613-668-5804
Alexia Harrison Senior Program Advisor 613-991-0016
Alison Hamer Events Coordinator 613-990-5565
Allison Pike Corporate Planning, Reporting and Evaluation Officer 613-993-9397
Anderson Shawn (!) Program Officer, Meritorious Service Decorations 613-991-0894
André Séguin (!) Director, Information Resources and Mail Management 613-998-1291
Anik Devlin Contracting Officer 613-949-4820
Anissa Samatar Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-990-0418
Anna Laperle A/Program Manager, Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers 613-993-3529
Annabelle Cloutier Director, Communications and Public Affairs 613-993-8158
Antoine Morin A/Writer-Editor 613-993-0654
Arnold Vega Supervisor, Network and IT Security 613-998-5568
Barbara Lovelace Calligrapher/Graphic Designer 613-991-3261
Bernice Perley (!) Information Holdings Officer 613-991-5780
Bethany Harpur Writer / Editor 613-993-2179
Brittany Haughey Data Entry Clerk 613-990-0462
Bruce Patterson Assistant Director and Deputy Chief Herald 613-991-2229
Byron Barkhouse Financial Assistant 613-993-5215
Caceres Dunerci (!) Aide de camp 613-618-3515
Camille Lapalme A/ Senior Program Advisor 613-993-3323
Cara O'Connell Analyst, Order of Canada Program 613-998-9038
Catherine Fitzpatrick Coppermine Herald and Art Production Officer 613-998-0500
Cathy Sabourin Fraser Herald and Principal Artist 613-991-0853
Céline Larabie Executive Director 613-993-7754
Céline Best Aide de camp 613-697-8187
Chantal Charbonneau Executive Assistant 613-993-1365
Chantal Renée Lavigne Events Coordinator 613-993-9395
Chester Tkacz Asset/Data Management Services Officer 613-990-9001
Chloeann Summerfield (!) ADC 613-218-4368
Christine MacIntyre Executive Director, Events, Household and Visitor Services 613-993-1901
Christopher Grinham A/Client Portfolio Manager 613-990-8182
Cidalia Gaspar Program Officer, Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers 613-991-0896
Cidália Gaspar (!) Program Officer, Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers 613-993-3529
Claire Boudreau Director and Chief Herald of Canada 613-991-2227
Claude Dube Commissionaire Supervisor 613-991-1838
Claude Lepage Assistant Maître d'Hôtel 613-991-4148
Claude Fillion Supervisor, Database Administration 613-998-8797
Corey de LaPlante Graphic Designer and Production Officer 613-993-6471
Cristy Montoya ADC 613-769-1287
Cynthia Marrotte (!) A/Manager, Accounting Operations 613-993-0373
Cynthia Jolly Chief, Marketing, Publication, Web Design 613-990-2997
Dania Balaa Financial Analyst 613-998-8798
Danielle Beaudoin Administrative Officer 613-991-0900
Dany Veillette Photographer 613-993-8816
Darcy De Marsico (!) Director of Honours, Orders 613-993-3524
Darrel Kennedy Assiniboine Herald 613-998-5481
David Johnston The Governor General 613-993-8200