Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Jacqueline Friedland (2022) Senior Director, Property and Casualty Insurance Group
Aaqib Shah (2018) Senior Supervisor 416-952-7280
Aaron Feldman Senior Manager, Stress Testing 416-973-0747
Aaron Qiu Translator/Editor 416-952-6209
Aaron Veerasingham Principal Analyst
Abdoulaye Traore Specialist 416-954-6492
Abeer Saba Financial Analyst
Adam Kearney Senior Actuarial Officer 613-949-8700
Adam Dolson (2022) Director 416-952-7272
Adam Keanie Senior Manager, Stress Testing
Adeline Lee Principal Analyst 416-973-2102
Adil Hanifi Network Infrastructure Support Specialist
Adri van Hilten (2018) Director, Supervision 416-973-0716
Ahnne Cabiles Manager 604-666-1630
Ajanth Packiyarajah (2016) Senior Supervisor 416-973-0623
Ajenthan Pararajalingam Specialist
Alain Guimond (2021) Senior Model Analyst 613-990-7728
Alan Tokiwa Specialist 416-952-3563
Alan Chan Manager, Data and Analytical Insights 416-973-8932
Alanna Duncan Facilities and Material Coordinator 613-990-7452
Albert Lee Manager 416-952-0255
Alejandro Veiroj Acher (2019) Director, Supervision 514-496-4236
Aleksandra Green Senior Contracting Officer 613-990-5925
Alex Pande Supervision Career Management Trainee
Alex Dahan Personnel Security Coordinator
Alexander Gooderham (2018) Manager 416-952-0079
Alexander Kim Senior Specialist 416-952-4125
Alexandra Campbell (2017) Senior Supervisor 416-954-9109
Alexandra Bray (2017) Consultations Advisor 613-990-8822
Alexandra Kierstead Administrative Coordinator
Alexandre Chassé Actuarial Advisor 613-990-7858
Alexandre Beauvais (2017) IT Security Specialist 613-949-1828
Alexandre Regnier Actuary 613-990-8613
Alexandre Bustros Principal Analyst 514-283-0498
Alexia Maschowsky (2021) Director, Regulatory Data Management
Alfredo Cacciotti Manager Compensation and Disability Management 613-990-6327
Ali Yazbek Principal Analyst 416-952-0155
Ali Sedigh Senior Analyst
Alice Chiu (2017) Actuarial Officer 613-990-9966
Alice Piu Piu Chiu (2018) Actuarial Officer 613-990-9966
Alice Pui Pui Chiu Senior Actuarial Officer 613-990-9966
Aliya Khan (2017) Senior Supervisor 416-973-7195
Allison Da Costa Administrative Coordinator 416-973-1678
Allison Green Enterprise Architect 613-998-8491
Allison Coull Administrative Coordinator 613-993-8509
Allison Hogan Senior Supervisor
Allyson Lang (2018) Manager 416-973-9238
Alykhan Dharsee (2021) Principal Analyst 416-952-0028
Aman Grewal Human Resources Assistant 416-973-2931
Amanda Hulst Business Analyst 416-952-3249
Amanda Gierling Principal Analyst 416-952-6173
Amar Munipalle Executive Director Risk Advisory Hub
Amber Huezo (2022) Principal Operations Analyst 416-973-5166
Amelie Charron Senior Supervisor
Amisha Modi (2021) Manager, HR Operations 416-973-7818
Amit Chugh (2016) Senior Supervisor 416-954-7270
Amit Tiwari Principal Analyst
Amy Nickerson-Beaulieu (2021) Regulatory Officer 613-990-2497
Amy Xu Network Infrastructure Support Specialist
Amy Chau-Lee Internal Auditor
Amy Lee Poulopoulos (2017) Human Resources Coordinator 613-949-8699
Ana Garcia Director 416-973-3266
Anandhi Sarvananthan Managing Director 416-973-0612
Andrea Morgan Principal Analyst 416-973-0784
Andrea Mistry (2017) Senior Supervisor 416-973-0784
Andrea McCausland Director 416-952-0072
Andrea Blaustein (2020) Senior Security Analyst 613-990-7118
Andrea Dawn McCausland (2019) Audit Director 416-952-0072
Andrei Serykh Senior Actuary 416-952-4137
Andrew Peterson Chief Data Officer 613-990-6282
Andrew Christie (2019) Legislation and Policy Initiatives Officer 613-990-7935
Andrew Blackwood Specialist 416-973-7016
Andrew Bethune (2018) Human Resources Advisor 613-990-7487
Andrew BRYANT Contracting Officer 613-990-5747
Andrew Ma (2019) Co-op Student Financial Accounting 416-954-7027
Andrew Miller Chief Data Officer 416-973-6189
Andy Bilik Manager 416-973-6760
Aneta Kozlowski Manager 416-973-4377
Angela D'Agui Senior Analyst 613-949-8395
Angela Purdy (2021) Manager 416-954-1030
Angèle Lalonde (2022) Administrative Coordinator 613-990-3590
Angelica McCrea (2021) Analyst, Facilities and Materiel Services 416-954-6484
Angie Russell Compensation Specialist 613-993-6453
Angie Radiskovic Assistant Superintendent and Chief Strategy and Risk Officer 416-952-1284
Anie Stuart Managing Director 416-973-0608
Anik Adam Human Resources Policy and Program Advisor
Anil Agarwal Senior Analyst 613-993-8539
Anita Williamson Pay Advisor 613-990-7524
Anna Beith (2020) Senior Analyst 613-949-3961
Anna Sampson Manager 613-971-2289
Anna Stefanovici Communications Advisor
Anna Veiga Lozada (2022) Administrative Coordinator
Anna-Maria Cluff Manager 416-954-5214
Anne McDonald Administrative Coordinator 416-973-8943
Anne Schroder Strategic Advisor
Anne-Marie Chojnacki Senior Security Analyst 613-990-6645
Anne-Marie Lévesque (2018) Communications Advisor (internal) 613-991-9647
Anni Lin (2018) Senior Supervisor 416-973-4159
Annick Paquet Specialist 514-283-1366
Annie St-Jacques Director 613-998-2713