Office of the Taxpayers' Ombudsman

Organization Structure

Office of the Taxpayers' Ombudsman


Name Title Telephone Number
Andrew Todd (!) Complaint Investigator 613-946-2849
Anne-Marie Marquis (!) Ministerial Relations Officer 613-946-2974
Ariane Boyer A/Manager, Communications and Public Affairs 613-946-2722
Christina LeCavalier (!) Human Resources Officer 613-960-7923
Claude Dubois Senior Advisor 613-946-2974
Claudine Chapeau Corporate Services Officer 613-941-6246
Dan Popescu (!) Planning and Project Support Officer 613-941-6246
Daniel Maisonneuve Finance Officer 613-946-2850
David Di Sano Intake Officer 613-946-2634
Diane Beaudin Senior Project Officer 613-941-6294
Erin Naef Communications Officer 613-941-6320
Guy Gibeault Administrative Officer 613-946-2417
Holly MacDonald Systemic Investigator 613-946-2721
Isabelle Chiem (!) Systemic Investigator 613-946-2974
Isabelle Gervais Director, Office of the Taxpayers' Ombudsman 613-946-2975
Jessamyn D'Amour (!) Senior Investigator 613-946-2965
Joan Alain (!) Temporary Appointed Manager, Intake and Complaint Investigations 613-946-2520
Josée Labelle Director 613-946-2975
Josée Gaudet (!) Senior Corporate Services Officer 613-960-7923
Kelly Sullivan Communications 613-960-7920
Kimberley Boyer Communication Officer 613-960-7920
Lauren Larson (!) Senior Intake Officer 613-946-2849
Line De Matteis Complaint Investigator 613-946-2466
Lorna Riopelle Manager, Systemic Investigations 613-941-6225
Manon Renaud Senior Examination Officer 613-946-2307
Marie-Claude Monette 613-941-6246
Mathieu Bissonnette Complaint Investigator 613-946-2965
Mélanie Gagnon Systemic Investigator 613-941-6227
Rami Mahfouz Intake Officer 613-946-2417
Robert Begin Intake Officer 613-946-2417
Scott Fallowfield Writer-Editor 613-952-9767
Sherra Profit Taxpayer's Ombudsam 613-941-6311
Silvia Moscatel Complaint Investigator 613-941-6280
Yvonne Fawcett Senior Corporate Services Officer 613-941-6279