Patented Medicine Prices Review Board


Name Title Telephone Number
Agnes Villeneuve Boudriau Human Resources Generalist 613-288-9614
Ai Chau Data Systems Admin/Programmer/Analyst 613-288-9588
Allison Bednar (!) Economic & Socio-Economic Analyst/Researcher 613-952-7615
Allison Carey Economic & Socio-Economic Analyst/Researcher 613-288-9596
Béthyna Jean-Baptiste (!) Human Resource Services and Systems Administrator 613-952-3310
Blake Wladyka Business Analyst 613-288-9620
Carmen Osborne Research/Data Management 613-288-9628
Carol McKinley Publication Advisor 613-288-9593
Carolyn Kobernick Board Member 613-288-9596
Christina Conlin (!) Research/Data Management 613-948-9219
Claude-Andrée Montsion Chief, Human Resources Services 613-288-9577
Claudia Lacroix-Lefebvre Executive Assistant to the Director 613-288-9665
Dan Roumelis (!) Data Systems Analyst 613-288-9604
Dan Acton Chief, Information Systems 613-288-9574
Dave Latour (!) Project Leader/Technical Advisor 613-288-9592
Delia Lewis (!) Legal Counsel 613-288-9647
Devon Menard Director, Corporate Services 613-288-9580
Dianne Breau Scientific Officer 613-288-9630
Douglas Clark Executive Director 613-288-9633
Dr. Ingrid Sketris Board Member 613-288-9596
Elaine McGillivray (!) Assistant to the Secretary 613-288-9637
Elena Lungu Manager, NPDUIS, Policy and Economic Analysis Branch 613-288-9602
Eric Yang Support Technician 613-288-9625
Erik Vilela Systems Developer, Program Analyst 613-288-9616
France Latour Chief, Information Management 613-288-9606
Gary Warwick Economic Analyst 613-288-9610
George Botulynsky Manager, Investigations Unit 613-288-9644
Ginette Tognet (!) Director, Regulatory Affairs & Outreach 613-954-8297
Greg McComb (!) Senior Economic Analyst 613-288-9612
Guillaume Couillard Director, Board Secretariat & Communications 613-288-9635
Holly Gray (!) Executive Assistant to the Director 613-948-9223
Hu Lu (!) Manager, Policy Development 613-288-9661
Isabel Jaen Raasch General Counsel 613-288-9619
Isabelle Demers Executive Assistant to the General Counsel 613-288-9618
Jared Berger Research/Data Management 613-288-9658
Jarrett Todd Regulatory Officer 613-288-9613
Jeff Gaul Research/Data Management 613-288-9623
Jeffrey Wright Communications Officer 613-288-9591
Jill Dubois (!) Records Officer and Library Services 613-952-7621
Jill Dunlap Records Officer and Library Services 613-288-9608
Joel Weber Senior Regulatory Officer 613-288-9584
Joelle Cousineau Human Resource Services and Systems Administrator 613-288-9578
Johanne Gamache (!) Executive Assistant to the Director 613-288-9596
John Cook Senior Regulatory Officer 613-288-9622
Josée Boucher (!) Administrative Assistant 613-288-9579
Jun Yu Data Systems Admin/Programmer/Analyst 613-288-9663
Kael Tougas Communications Officer 613-288-9612
Karine Landry Economic Analyst 613-288-9605
Katherine Johnson Legal Counsel 613-288-9670
Kevin Chagnon Information Management Functional Specialist 613-288-9671