Polar Knowledge Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Leclair Director Science and Technology 613-947-9108
Angulalik Pedersen Technician, Field Services 867-983-5464
Crystal Qaumariaq Administrative Assistant 867-983-2554
David Miller Senior Analyst 867-766-8537
David Mate Director, Operations Science and Technology 613-295-4896
David Scott President 613-943-8606
David LeBlanc Analyst 613-295-8253
Donald McLennan Lead Science Officer 613-295-6135
Dwayne Beattie Science Officer 613-295-0485
Germaine Lachaine Project officer 613-292-0851
Heather Dewar (!) Senior Technology Advisor 613-295-8031
Jeannette Menzies Director Knowledge Management and Engagement 613-995-2331
Jennifer Sokol Senior Analyst 343-540-8478
Jillian Metcalfe Administrative Assistant 613-290-0637
Johann Wagner Science Officer 343-333-1579
John Bennett Communications Specialist 613-222-9547
Julie Fortin Operations Officer 613-222-4928
Karen Lauer (!) Research Analyst 613-295-5427
Katherine Wilson Senior Science Advisor 613-295-4896
Katlin Fagan Financial Administrative Assistant 343-540-8473
Kristin White Executive Assistant 613-943-8606
Lawrence Keyte Science Officer 343-540-6796
Marc Meloche (!) Senior Advisor 613-222-6072
Martin Raillard (!) Chief Scientist and Vice-President, Science & Technology 613-408-5252
Mike Gill Lead Science Officer 613-402-4935
Natalie Groleau Senior Program Officer 613-292-0543
Nathalie Robillard-Bergeron Junior Program Officer - Grants, Contributions & Awards 613-222-9537
Rebecca Turpin Lead Science Officer 613-292-5705
Regienna Baggayan Administrative Assistant 613-295-5034
Rhonda Turner Program Officer - Grants, Contributions & Awards 613-222-7421
Robert Cooke Science Officer 867-456-8643
Silvia Kunz Senior Corporate Services Officer 613-292-3534
Stephanie Palaczka Project Manager 613-292-6257
Susan File Analyst 613-222-6117
Suzie Beaudoin Financial Analyst 343-540-6333
Tina Maisonneuve Senior Advisor to the President 613-295-5427