Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation


Name Title Telephone Number
Aarti Mehta-Nayyar (!) Resolution Preparedness Analyst II 613-943-4598
Alain Fortier (!) Director, Business Transformation and Process Improvement 613-943-2312
Alejandro Garcia (!) Director Emerging Risk and Data Analytics 613-947-0041
Alison Millard Director, Finance, IT, and Corporate Controller 613-947-0264
Allyson Judd Analyst, Risk Assessment 613-943-2956
Amitabh Srivastav (!) Information Management Officer 613-947-0258
André Gauthier (!) Solution Administrator/Developer 613-947-0262
Angela Roberge Director, Resolution Communications & Initiatives 613-992-7905
Angie Radiskovic (!) Managing Director, Resolution Preparedness 416-973-8158
Anne-Marie Levesque (!) Senior Intervention Communications Officer 613-996-0882
Annie Hardy Director, Policy 613-943-2751
Annie Hardie (!) Director, Policy 613-943-2751
Anser Basrai Manager, Resolution Preparedness 416-954-2757
Anthony Carty Vice-President, Finance and Administration, and CFO 613-943-8009
Ashley Kearns (!) Policy Analyst 613-943-2954
Ben Waetford (!) Director, Intervention Strategy and Operations 416-973-3888
Berverley Seguin (!) Board Administratrator and Executive Office Cordinator 613-996-1257
Beverley Seguin Board and Corporate Affairs Administrator 613-996-1257
Bob Sanderson (!) Chair of the Board 416-973-3082
Brad Evenson Director, Communications and Public Affairs 613-996-2331
Bradley Howell (!) Risk Manager 613-995-6541
Brendan Paty Solution Administrator/Developer 613-947-0258
Brian Barber (!) Manager, Monitoring and Reporting Services 613-995-7086
Bryan Davies (!) Chair of the Board 416-973-3082
Camille Ringrose Director, Finance, IT and Corporate Controller 613-995-2263
Carl-Emil Charpentier Manager, Resolution Planning 613-947-9167
Carlos de Vera Senior Legal Counsel 613-992-7869
Carlton Wan Director Business Solutions 613-943-8006
Chantal Richer Vice President Corporate Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary 613-996-2082
Chantal Tessier Senior HR Advisor 613-943-1971
Chris Le Pan Risk Manager 613-995-7086
Christa Walker Special Advisor, Bail-in, 613-947-0269
Christopher Camp Director, Resolution Planning 613-943-2865
Claire Dumais (!) Compliance Officer, Insurance 613-947-0256
Clarke Olson (!) Senior Communications officer 613-995-7124
Claudia Morrow (!) Chief, Office of the President, and Corporate Secretary 613-947-0268
Colette Martin Corporate Project Manager 613-992-4743
Colin McLean (!) Policy and Research Analyst 613-996-9024
Curtis Fulford (!) Infrastructure Operation and Support Specialist 613-943-8003
Darren McIntyre (!) Director, Information Systems 613-992-7070
Darryl Devine (!) Manager, Money Markets 613-943-8016
David Walker (!) Managing Director, Executive Office and International Affairs 613-943-1980
David Millard (!) Manager, Resolution Planning 613-995-9424
David Neate Manager, Resolution Planning 613-943-1969
David Charles (!) Manager, Resolution Planning 613-947-9167
Dawie De Koker (!) Director, Resolution Planning 613-943-2865
Dawn Shipley Web Master 613-947-6402
Dean Cosman Executive Vice-President, Insurance and Risk and Chief Risk Officer 613-996-9043
Debra Cameron Corporate Reporting Coordinator 613-995-7133
Debra Loomis (!) Manager, Resolution Legal and Transactions 416-354-4760