PPP Canada

Organization Structure

PPP Canada
+ Office of the Chief Executive Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Bruyns Associate, Investments 613-947-3009
Alex Jeglic Senior Legal Counsel 613-947-2259
Alexander Chase Associate, Investments 613-996-1832
Andrew Urquhart Associate, Investments 613-943-1314
Annie Vaillancourt Senior Editor 613-947-2992
Carol Beaulieu (!) Vice President, Project Development 613-992-5577
Carole Lafontaine Executive Assistant to the CEO 613-992-5545
Charlotte Gagnier Receptionist 613-947-9480
Chelsea Young Associate 613-947-3002
Chris McBean Director, Investments 613-947-3001
Daniel Schilt Associate, Project Development 613-996-1823
Daniel Boccaccio Associate, Project Development 613-943-0173
Danny Wisniowski-Wong Associate, Project Development 613-992-4591
Desiree Roy Corporate Program Coordinator 613-947-8616
Emmanuel Massunken Associate, Investments 613-943-0182
Errol Lobo Director, Finance, Risk & Administration 613-943-0061
Gibril Muddei Principal, Investments 613-992-4588
Greg Smith Vice-President, Risk, Administration and CFO 613-947-9482
Homam Alattar (!) Associate, Investments 613-947-2999
Ian Doherty Manager, Performance and Risk 613-947-2269
Jaime Whan Finance Clerk 613-996-1806
James Kraska (!) Associate, Project Development 613-947-2317
Jessica Alén Associate, Project Development 613-943-0141
Jessica Alén Associate, Finance, Risk and Administration 613-943-0141
John McBride Chief Executive Officer 613-992-5545
Jordan Suffel Associate, Investments 613-996-1833
Joseph Klohoun Associate, Project Development 613-943-0143
Justin Tsang Associate, Investments 613-943-0183
Kathy Morin Principal, Investments 613-996-1827
Katie Paris (!) Director, Project Development 613-992-4634
Katie Curran Human Resources Manager 613-947-2938
Kim Butler Vice-President, Project Development 613-947-9472
Kristy Darragh Advisor, Strategy and Market Development 613-992-4525
Liliana Gonzalez Principal, Investments 613-992-4615
Lina Seto Public Relations Advisor 613-992-5585
Lisa Mitchell Director, Strategy and Market Development 613-992-4602
Marcia Boudreau Executive Assistant 613-992-4531
Martine Lapointe (!) Corporate Program Coordinator 613-947-8616
Melanie Mercer (!) Strategy & Communications Officer 613-947-2998
Michael Mills Vice President, Investments 613-992-5593
Michael Manocha Principal 613-943-0194
Michael Bailey Strategy & Communications Officer 613-947-2998
Michel Renaud Associate, Project Development 613-992-5575
Miguel Martin Principal, Investments 613-943-0129
Monique Allain Advisor, Strategy and Market Development 613-947-2939
Naresh Debidin Director, Project Development 613-992-5573
Natasha Gomes da Silva (!) Administrative Assistant 613-947-2960
Nathalie Renaud Information Management/Information Technology Coordinator 613-992-4614
Neda Salehirad (!) Principal, Project Development 613-996-1800
Oumar Watt IM/IT Manager 613-947-2303