Prime Minister's Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Scotti Photographer 613-992-4211
Adam Grech Advance 613-992-4211
Alex Kohut Analyst 613-992-4211
Amreet Kaur Media Relations 613-992-4211
Andrée-Lyne Hallé Lead, Media Relations 613-992-4211
Annie St-Onge (!) Policy Advisor 613-992-4211
Brett Thalmann Director of Administration and Special Projects 613-992-4211
Brian Clow Director - Canada US Relations 613-992-4211
Brittany Perreault Speechwriter 613-992-4211
Brittney Kerr (!) British Columbia Regional Desk 613-992-4211
Cameron Wilson General Assistant 613-992-4211
Cameron Ahmad Lead, Media Relations 613-992-4211
Cassandra Almeida Advance 613-992-4211
Chris MacMillan Executive Assistant to the Senior Advisors 613-992-4211
Christina Rettig Policy Advisor 613-992-4211
Claude Eric Gagné Deputy Director of Operations 613-992-4211
Claude-Éric Gagné (!) Deputy Director of Operations 613-952-6874
Cyndi Jenkins Atlantic Regional Desk 613-952-7377
Dalal Saikali Special Assistant 613-992-4211
Daniel Arnold Director of Research and Advertising 613-992-4211
Dave Sommer Digital Creative Lead 613-992-4211
Diamond Isinger Special Assistant, Canada-US Relations 613-992-4211
Eleanore Catenaro Executive Assistant to the Director of Communications 613-992-4211
Emmaline English Special Assistant 613-992-4211
Gabrielle Cesvet Speechwriter 613-992-4211
Geoff Hall Scheduler to the Prime Minister 613-992-4211
Gerald Butts Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister 613-992-4211
Hanna Kambo Special Assistant, Operations 613-992-4211
Hilary Leftick Prime Minister's Advisor on Youth Affairs 613-992-4211
James McMillan Writer 613-992-4211
Jamie Kippen Ontario Regional Desk 613-462-1677
Jean-Luc Marion Manager, Prime Minister's Correspondence 613-957-5573
Jeevan Singh Writer, Prime Minister's Correspondence 613-957-5584
Jeni Armstrong Speechwriter 613-992-4211
Jessie Chahal (!) Prairies and Northern Regional Desk 613-992-4211
Jessie Singh Chahal Prairies and Northern Regional Desk 613-992-4211
Johanna Robinson Digital Content Assistant 613-992-4211
John Zerucelli Director of Operations 613-992-4211
Jonathan Barry Writer, Prime Minister's Correspondence 613-957-5535
Jordan Crosby Writer, Prime Minister's Correspondence 613-992-4211
Jordan Deagle Communications Planner 613-992-4211
Julie Savard-Shaw Special Assistant 613-992-4211
Julie Tatone Media Advance and Technical Advisor 613-992-4211
Juniors Damy Special Assistant 613-992-4211
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister 613-992-4211
Justin To Deputy Director of Policy and Policy Advisor 613-992-4211
Kate Van Gerven (!) Executive Assistant to the Director of Operations 613-957-5670
Kate VanGerven Executive Assistant to the Director of Operations 613-957-5670
Katie Telford Chief of Staff 613-992-4211
Lindsay Hunter Ontario Regional Desk 613-992-4211