Public Health Agency of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aalia Noorbhai
Aamir Fazil Chief, Risk Integration Synthesis and Knowledge Section 519-619-2634
Aaron Parsons Planning and Reporting Officer 613-769-2573
Aaron Petkau Bioinformatician 204-789-7026
Abdelhamid Zaghlool GPHIN Surveillance Analyst 613-941-8364
Abdul R Syed Manager, Planning, Reporting and Performance Measurement 613-219-9603
Abdulrahman Ghoneim (!) Student 613-415-4164
Abigail Campbell (!) Policy Analyst 613-852-4563
Abla Mawudeku SAS Liaison 613-867-7454
Aboubakar Mounchili Acting Manager 613-415-5631
Abu Siddik
Adalberto Nieves Business Coordinator Northern Unit/ODGROr 613-697-0754
Adam Probert Senior Data Management Advisor 613-218-7379
Adam Olson (!) Biologist 204-789-6073
Adam Burgener Head of Proteomics, National Laboratory for HIV Immunology 204-784-8092
Adam Medaglia Data Analyst 613-867-7324
Adam Waiser (!) 613-948-3771
Adam Bélanger-Provençal
Adèle Lemay Program Consultant 613-882-2401
Adha Roselli Analyst 613-867-3125
Aditya Sood Quarantine Officer 905-612-5397
Admira Cocja Quarantine Officer 905-612-5397
Adonias Monroy Junior Officer Program 514-496-2751
Adriana Newbury Senior Evaluation Analyst 613-960-0954
Adrianna Kovacs Executive Assistant 613-954-1672
Adrienne Meyers Scientist 204-789-6481
Agata Stankiewicz Policy Analyst 613-240-1799
Agathe Richard-Dallaire Strategic Advisor 613-697-5116
Agnes Agunos Veterinary Epidemiologist 519-400-7895
Ahalya Mahendra Epidemiologist 416-954-5036
Aileen Patterson (!) Technician 204-789-6511
Aileen Kenny (!) Editor 613-302-8907
Aimée Campeau Researcher 613-954-8627
Ainsley Otten Risk Assessor 226-979-2722
Ajani Asokumar Student Research Analyst 613-878-6107
Alaa Badawi Research Scientist / Chercheur scientifique 416-952-2230
Alain Boucard Quarantine Regional Manager - East 514-633-3015
Alain Richard A/Senior Expert, Program Development 514-496-5630
Alain Demers Senior Epidemiologist 613-797-2129
Alain Desgranges Program officer - Watch Office 613-866-7638
Alan Cechvala Information Management Analyst 204-784-5961
Alan Diener Manager, Population Health Economics 613-617-8220
Alan Palen (!) Power Engineer 204-789-2261
Alan Thom Manager, Vaccine Supply and Assurance 613-222-4614
Alan Hotte Senior Policy Analyst 613-697-3086
Alan Sawatzky (!) Junior Programmer Analyst 204-784-7560
Alana Bruneau Administrative Assistant 204-789-7038
Albert Kwan Senior Policy Analyst 902-440-3429
Albert Brews Evaluation Analyst 613-862-7204
Alberto Severini Chief, Viral Exanthemata and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 204-789-6022