Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Name Title Telephone Number
Abe Townsend National Executive 902-222-9151
Agnes Jelking Director General, Intelligence Analysis and Communications 613-993-6466
Alain Séguin Director General, Corporate Management Systems 613-843-5054
Alain Poulin HR Coordinator 613-993-3440
Allen Williamson Officer in Charge 613-843-6265
Alyssa Herage Director, Business Planning and Management Services 613-843-5601
Amanda Gonzalez Administrative Assistant 613-990-0690
Amanda Bernier Functional Analyst 613-843-6311
Amanda Layman Correspondence Analyst 613-843-6678
André Rivard Director, Marine and Ports Branch 613-990-1355
Andrée Crawford Research Analyst 613-843-3214
Andrée Lambert-English Functional Analyst 613-843-6510
Andrée Chartrand Administrative Assistant 613-998-6141
Andrew Thomson Functional Analyst 613-843-5897
Angela Buck Manager, Human Resources 613-843-6151
Angie Petryshyn Senior Functional Analyst 613-843-3874
Anne-Elizabeth Charland Director 613-990-4166
Anne-Elizabeth Charland Director 613-998-6349
Anthony Ross Chief Firearms Officer 800-731-4000
Antoine Couture O i/c 613-993-1050
April Desjardins Information Management Program Services Manager 613-843-6656
Barbara Fleury Director General, International Policing 613-993-5168
Barbara Oattes Director, Business Operations 613-998-0869
Benny Wong Program Manager, Toxicology Services 613-993-0557
Bert Hoskins O i/c Criminal Intelligence Support Branch 613-993-2900
Bess Darlene Director, Internal Services Financial Management Services 613-843-5879
Bill Adams O i/c 613-993-2738
Bob Paulson Commissioner 613-843-6400
Brendan Heffernan Director General 613-998-6140
Brian Roach National Executive 204-984-3928
Bruno Tourville Officer in Charge Fingerprint Services 613-993-0383
Cal Corley DG, CPC and Senior RCMP Envoy to Mexico and the Americas 613-998-0883
Carmella Ens Functional Analyst 613-843-6503
Carmen Chabot Administrative Assistant 613-949-0002
Carol MacLeod Manager National Police Services 613-843-3741
Caroline Mulumba Procurement Coordinator 613-949-9029
Cathy Reid Senior Functional Analyst 613-843-3876
Céline Brisson Functional Analyst 613-843-5328
Chantal Ruest Administrative Assistant 613-843-3586
Chantal Desjardins Analyst 613-843-6730
Chantal Endre Director, Corporate Management Systems 613-843-5890
Chantal Steeves Analyst 613-854-1545
Charles-Eric Lépine Senior Parliamentary Relations Officer 613-843-4518
Chris Lynam Acting Director 613-843-5327
Chris Davis Functional Analyst 613-843-3849
Chris Power Manager, New Media Section 613-843-4558
Chris Lanoue Senior Functional Analyst 613-843-3863
Christian Pharand Functional Analyst 613-843-6504
Christian Bwarikukiye Project Assistant, CM&C Business Transformation Team 613-843-6953
Christina Cefaloni Director, Strategic Communications (Corporate) 613-843-4531