Security Intelligence Review Committee


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Green (!) Senior Research Advisor 613-990-2955
Chantelle Bowers (!) General Counsel 613-990-8448
Chantelle Bowers Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel 613-949-5863
Charles Fugère Counsel 613-998-5251
Cristian Bascur Senior IT Technician 613-991-9423
Darryl Sitka Director of Research 613-949-4120
David Campbell Senior Advisor 613-949-4119
Derek Janhevich (!) Senior Research Advisor 613-993-4263
Diane Marion Planning and Reporting Analyst 613-990-8442
François Doucet (!) Information Management Coordinator 613-991-9431
Gene McLean Member 613-991-9111
Ian Holloway Member 613-991-9111
Jeff Grenon Senior Research Advisor 613-990-4258
Jessica Desjardins Information Management Services Officer 613-991-9431
John Howell Research Analyst 613-990-1098
Kathleen Wood Senior Research Advisor 613-990-9244
Kim Montroy Information Management Services Officer 613-991-9447
Lawrence Mangano Senior Research Analyst 613-998-5252
Linda Chartrand-Lefebvre Executive Assistant 613-991-9111
Lindsay Jackson Assistant Director 613-990-4448
Manon Vincent Executive Assistant 613-991-9111
Marc Pilon Counsel 613-998-5253
Marie-Lucie Morin Member 613-991-9111
Maxine Martel Senior Researcher 613-949-4123
Michael Doucet Executive Director 613-991-9111
Patrick Lamonde Administrative Assistant 613-990-8441
Pierre Blais Chair 613-991-9111
Rémi Chapadeau Senior Counsel 613-990-8445
Shayna Stawicki Registrar and Senior Legal Assistant 613-990-6319
Sonia Larose (!) Information Management Coordinator 613-990-6838
Sonia Viau Senior Projet Manager 613-998-5254
Stephanie Mulcaster Counsel 613-990-2955
Stéphanie Dion Senior Manager, Corporate Services 613-990-8052
Surdas Mohit Senior Research Analyst 613-991-3838
Susan Decker Senior Research Advisor 613-990-8051
Yves Fortier Member 613-991-9111