Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Casey (!) Senior Program Officer 613-943-1414
Adam Yake Senior Program Officer 613-992-1504
Adèle Savoie Director 613-995-6898
Adina Jacobson Senior Program Evaluation Officer 613-995-8841
Alan Pepe Project Officer 613-992-6993
Alexander Leger (!) Strategic Initiatives and Budget Advisor 613-943-2003
Alexander Polley Corporate Analyst 613-992-7302
Alexandra Hynes Team Leader, Labour Relations 613-992-2640
Alice Hanlon Senior Internal Auditor 613-947-6923
Alysha Croker Manager 613-996-0354
Amy Larin (!) Senior Planning and Perfomance Analyst 613-992-5911
Andrea Perrier Program Officer 613-943-9316
Andrew Wakefield A/Manager 613-947-4095
Angélina Houle Program Assistant 613-943-9300
Anita Dolman Senior Writer-Editor 613-992-8092
Anna Togerson (!) Program Officer 613-996-3248
Anna Torgerson Senior Program Officer 613-996-3248
Anne-Marie Copeland-Ladouceur Program Operation Officer 613-947-0159
Anne-Sophie Brou Senior Officer, Financial Monitoring 613-996-3174
Anthony Sheehan Deputy Chief Information Officer 613-996-2423
Apie Ekissi Program Officer 613-947-2095
Ariadne Legendre Senior Data Analyst 613-996-6972
Arlene Hogue Application Processing Coordinator 613-947-0712
Ashley Larsen Data Officer 613-992-5151
Ayemi Lawani (!) Program Officer 613-947-3970
Beth Scarlett Program Officer 613-947-3973
Bethany Price Administrative and Scheduling Assistant 613-943-1332
Bianca Richer Osborne IT Support Clerk 613-995-5758
Bonnie Bertrand Team Leader Program Support Unit 613-992-4268
Bradley Sykes (!) Program Officer 613-943-1144
Brenda Werrell Program Assistant 613-947-9661
Brent Herbert-Copley Executive Vice-President 613-995-5457
Brianna Cowman Human Resources Assistant 613-996-4703
Brigitte Auger Program Assistant 613-996-4928
Brigitte Calixte Translator / Editor (French) 613-992-0516
Bruce MacAllister (!) Manager, Special Projects 613-995-8838
Bryde Kelly (!) Project Officer 613-947-2060
Carine Paré Gestionnaire des installations et biens immobiliers par interim 613-943-1337
Carl Schultz (!) Digital Marketing Advisor 613-995-8838
Carley Hatt Information Architect 613-995-2136
Caroline Sarmiento Web Editor 613-992-5148
Caroline Dumont (!) Senior Financial Analyst 613-996-5731
Caroline Jones (!) Deputy Director, Financial Ops and Procurement 613-996-3211
Catherine Martineau-Delisle Senior Advisor 613-992-0502
Catherine Helmer (!) Compensation Assistant 613-947-2667
Catherine Boulianne Officer, Strat. HR and Prog Dev 613-995-8843
Chantal Laberge Assistant Data Administrator 613-943-7995
Chantal Barton Manager, Stakeholder Engagement 613-996-1337
Chantal Meda Program Officer 613-947-2094
Christiane Nkolo Program Assistant 613-947-9654