Standards Council of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Alec Clark Administrative Assistant, Strategy and Executive Office 613-238-3222 x404
Alejandro Trujillo Program Manager, Trade Harmonization 613-238-3222( x460)
Andrew Oldershaw Account Manager 613-238-3222( x424)
Anneke Olvera Manager, National Industry Sector Relations 613-238-3222( x474)
Barbara Medeiros Account Manager 613-238-3222( x430)
Bei Wang Program Manager 613-238-3222( x436)
Carol Campbell Program Manager 613-238-3222(443)
Caroline Phelefu (!) Adminstrative Assistant, Strategy and Executive Office 613-238-3222 x404
Chantal Guay Vice-President, Accreditation Services 613-238-3222(432)
Christeen Moore Project Manager, Standards Solutions and Sales 613-238-3222 x306
Christina Cole Program Officer, Canadian Standards Development 613-238-3222( x308)
Christine Larocque Manager, Communication 613-238-3222 x462
Christine Geraghty Program Officer, Member Relations 613-238-3222(469)
Claude Potvin IM/IT & Corporate Administration Officer 613-238-3222(471)
Cristina Draghici Client Manager, Laboratory Accreditation 613-238-3222( x486)
Crystal Wagner Administrative Officer, Standards 613-238-3222( x319)
Daniel Warelis Strategic Advisor 613-238-3222( x304)
Daniel Goldie Manager, Finance 613-238-3222( x487)
Daniel Ethier Program Officer, International and Regional Relations 613-238-3222(448)
Darryl Kingston Manager, International and Regional Relations 613-238-3222(445)
David Folkerson Senior Corporate Communications Officer, Web 613-238-3222( x473)
David Hunter Web Developer 613-238-3222(426)
Deborah Montgomery Human Resources and Compensation Officer 613-238-3222(412)
Donna Graser Senior Corporate Communications and Planning Officer 613-238-3222( x402)
Douglas Montgomery Coordinator, Client Liaison & Partnerships 613-238-3222( x468)
Emily White Administrative Officer, Operations Support 613-238-3222( x312)
Ernie Briard (!) Vice-President, Shared Services and Chief Financial Officer 613-238-3222( x467)
Ginette Grant Administrative Officer, Operations Support 613-238-3222( x305)
Greg Slingerland Program Manager 613-238-3222(316)
Guyang Zhang Policy Officer 613-238-3222( x453)
Hélène Couturier Head Translator 613-238-3222(418)
Holly Hedd Program Manager, Policy Engagement and Strategic Outreach 613-238-3222( x307)
Ian MacEachern Director, IM/IT 613-238-3222( x417)
Jacynthe Lanthier Translator 613-238-3222(419)
Jeff Stoski IM/IT Network Administrator 613-238-3222(415)
Jennifer Fowler Manager, Corporate Administration & Contracting Services 613-238-3222(420)
John Walter Chief Executive Officer 613-238-3222(400)
John Davey Program Quality Officer 613-238-3222( x442)
Josée Doucet Prgram Manager 613-238-3222( x498)
Julianna El-Sabeh Project Manager, Research 613-238-3222( x475)
Julie Waddell Human Resources Officer 613-238-3222( x369)
Karyn Crawford Program Manager 613-238-3222( x317)
Kathy Milsom Chair 613-238-3222( x435)
Katursia Cadet Administrative Officer, Policy & Stakeholder Relations 613-238-3222( x377)
Keith Jansa Manager, Sector Engagement & Standards Dev. Innovation 613-238-3222( x490)
Kelly Montgomery Program Manager, Adaptation and Roadmaps 613-238-3222( x464)
Kulasingham Vivekananthan Program Manager 613-238-3222( x350)
Lisa Henderson Administrative Officer, Travel Services 613-238-3222( x411)
Lynn Gauker Senior Corporate Communications Officer 613-238-3222( x416)
Lynne Gibbens Program Manager, IEC and Regional Programs 613-238-3222(452)