Status of Women Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Ainalem Tebeje (!) Corporate Planning, Evaluation and Audit Manager 819-420-6882
Alain Lesieur Chief, Finance and Administration 819-420-6848
Alex Wellstead Press Secretary 819-420-7043
Alida Buyoya Cabinet Affairs Assistant, Office of the Head 819-420-6806
Amanda McIntyre Corporate Planning, Evaluation and Audit Manager 819-420-6882
Angela Larkin Program Officer 819-420-6862
Anick Perreault ATIP Coordinator 819-420-6816
Anik Lapointe Chief Financial Officer and Director, Corporate Services 819-420-6825
Anne Gauthier Senior Administrative Assistant 819-420-6851
Anne-Marie Hodgson Senior Program Officer 819-420-6838
Annie Gaudet Program Officer 506-851-3642
Antonio Redfern-Pucci (!) Support Staff 819-997-2494
Ashley Ramier Policy Officer 819-420-6885
Athanasia Voukoulos (!) Program Officer 514-283-8583
Audrey Jacques Communications Officer 819-420-6819
Brittni Tee Policy Advisor 819-420-7043
Caroline Liebenberg (!) Senior Policy and Research Analyst 819-420-6881
Caroline Deroy Director of Parliamentary Affairs 819-420-7043
Carolyn Tilley Writer / Editor 819-420-6814
Charles Désabrais-Boyer A/Web & Systems Officer 819-420-6830
Christian Cloutier Information Management Senior Officer 819-420-6839
Christine Teske Financial Officer 819-420-6849
Christine Smith Program Officer 780-495-5577
Christopher Evelyn Policy Advisor 819-420-7043
Cindy Osborne ATIP Advisor 819-420-6817
Corinne Boucher Parliamentary Relations Advisor 819-420-6815
Corissa Larocque Grants & Contributions Officer 819-420-6856
Cyandra Carvalho (!) Policy Officer 819-420-6880
Danie Kingsbury (!) Senior Administrative Assistant 819-420-6851
Daniel Sansfaçon Director, Analysis and integration 819-420-6855
Dawn Harris Program Officer 819-420-6875
Dylan Barnabe Communications Officer 819-420-6819
Elizabeth Lorimer Program Officer - Toronto Region 613-769-5765
Eman Surani Program Officer 819-420-6860
Éric Poitras Communications Coordinator 819-420-6823
Germaine Chazou Senior Program Officer 819-420-6857
Germaine Kapinga-MBuyi Regional Administrative Assistant 780-495-3839
Hélène Barbe LAN/Telecommunications Officer 819-420-6898
Jamie Dzikowski Policy Analyst 819-420-6874
Jason Brousseau Chief, IM/IT Services 819-420-6832
Jean-Thierry Burafuta Business Manager, Grants and Contributions Management 819-420-6864
Jennifer Feeny Program Liaison Officer 819-420-6870
Jill Varley Regional Director 514-283-8598
Jocelyne Campbell Finance Assistant 819-420-7012
Jody Brennan Regional Director 780-495-5020
Johanne Scantland-voyer Program Officer 819-420-6863
Joshua Kirkey Manager, Corporate and Internal Communications 819-420-6884
Julia Smith Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-6858
Julie Nixon Senior Human Resources Advisor 819-420-6845
Justine Akman Director General, Policy & External Relations 819-420-6871