The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited


Name Title Telephone Number
Alok Wadhawan (2018) Project Manager, Engineering and Construction 519-336-2720 x315
Amy McMichael Financial Analyst, Revenue 519-336-2720 x246
André Girard (2019) Director of Communications 613-366-5074 x121
Anne Blunt (2021) Assistant Operations Manager 519-336-2720 x240
Anne Marshall (2016) Assistant Operations Manager 519-336-2720 x231
Anthony Pickett (2021) Chief Corporate Services Officer 613-366-5074 x120
Bill Fairbairn (2016) Project Site Supervisor 519-336-2720 x229
Brenden Bull IT Operations Specialist 519-336-2720 x320
Caroline Irwin Administrative Assistant 519-336-2720 x313
Caroline Mains Administrative Assistant 613-366-5074 x103
Chalaine Côté Human Resources Manager, Corporate 613-366-5074 x124
Cindy Lachapelle (2016) Administrative Assistant 519-336-2720 x313
Cindy Morgan Administrative Assistant 519-336-2720 x313
Colleen Sim Operations Manager 519-336-2720 x330
Dave Daamen (2021) Lead Hand 519-336-2720 x352
David Blaine (2018) Project Director, Information Planning and Integration 613-366-5074 x122
Dennis Curts (2021) Maintenance Manager 519-336-2720 x308
Deric Mathews Director, Technology & Information Systems 519-336-2720 x311
Dominique Samson Manager, Information Management 613-366-5074 x126
Don Martin Assistant Manager, Facilities 519-336-2720 x226
Ellen Leckie (2018) Financial Analyst, Expense and Payroll 519-336-2720 x244
Emily Sheehan Human Resources Advisor 519-336-2720 x248
Eric Suelzle Financial Analyst, Expense and Payroll 519-336-2720 x244
George Elliott Manager, Asset Planning 519-336-2720 x325__
Glenn Hewus (2018) Vice-President, Engineering and Construction 613-366-5074 x130
Hans Study IT Infrastructure Analyst 519-336-2720 x314
Hélène Lafortune Executive Assistant 613-366-5074 x102
Jacques Pigeon (2019) Vice-President, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary 613-366-5074 x140
Jason Manz Assistant Manager, Maintenance 519-336-2720 x352
Jasper Boychuk Manager, Engineering and Construction 613-366-5074 x132
Jasper Boychuck (2016) Project Engineer 613-366-5074 x132
Jean-Pierre Charbonneau (2020) Finance and Administration Coordinator 613-366-5074 x113
Joe Dedecker Bridge Director 519-336-2720 x305
Joe Lopetrone (2016) Operations Manager 519-336-2720 x331
Juan Carlos Solares IT Help Desk Support Officer 519-336-2720 x312
Karen Lamore Coordinator, Health and Safety 519-336-2720 x324
Karly Somers Controller, Financial Operations 519-336-2720 x223
Kerri Leppington (2018) Assistant Operations Manager 519-336-2720 x231
Kerry Leppington Assistant Operations Manager 519-336-2720 x231
Liliana Chiroque (2018) Analyst, Finance and Accounting Policy 613-366-5074 x112
Lisa Rozon Manager, Financial Reporting 613-366-5074 x115
Lynda Noel (2018) Manager, Information Management 613-366-5074 x125
Mahdie Zafarzadeh Analyst, Procurement and Policy Compliance 613-366-5074 x112
Marc Moreau Manager, Security Requirement Project 613-366-5074 x123
Mary Ann Brown Coordinator, Corporate Services 519-336-2720 x357
Mary Sue Knowles (2018) Currency Exchange Manager 519-336-2720 x309
Matthew Earley (2018) Controller, Financial Operations 519-336-2720 x223
Mélanie Rail (2019) Administrative Assistant 613-366-5074 x103
Micheline Dubé (2019) President and Chief Executive Officer 613-366-5074 x101
Monica Henderson (2021) Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations 519-336-2720 x249
Nancy Allen Information Management Assistant 613-366-5074 x125
Natalie Kinloch Chief Executive Officer 613-366-5074 x101
Pierre Rochon (2017) Director, Internal Audit 613-366-5074 x123
Rémi Paquette Chief Corporate Services Officer 613-366-5074 x120
Richard Iglinski Chief Financial Officer 613-366-5074 x111
Rudaba Chowdhury Project Engineer 519-336-2720
Sara Baldi (2019) Clerk, Information Management 613-366-5074 x125
Seanna Pickard Director, Human Resources (People and culture) 519-336-2720 x249
Sheena Connolly Project Director, GCDOCS IM Renewal Initiative 613-366-5074 x129
Steve Bauman (2021) IT Tech Support Officer 519-336-2720 x312
Thye Lee Vice President, Engineering and Construction 613-366-5074 x131
Todd Kealey Director, Business Development, Government and Public Affairs 613-366-5074 x114
Urszula Mika Director, Business Solutions and Innovation 519-336-2720 x317
Usman Qureshi Manager, Facilities and Maintenance 519-336-2720 x308
Vicky Sioris (2018) Administrative Assistant 613-366-5074 x103
Warren Askew Chief Operating Officer 519-336-2720
William Brown (2019) Director, Asset Management 519-336-2720 x212