Transport Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
A K Durrani Senior Engineer, Corrective Action 613-773-8259
Aalya Dhanani Essa Policy Advisor 613-990-7834
Aamir Alvi Senior Marine Inspector 250-754-0292
Aarohi Malavia (!) Student 613-993-3588
Aarohi Malavia Programmer, Application Development 613-773-8333
Aaron McCrorie Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety & Security 613-990-8636
Aaron Leblanc Technical Advisor, Application Development 613-990-1452
Aaron Ludmer Economic Advisor 613-990-0881
Aaron Oliynyk Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Airworthiness 250-317-6748
Aaron Fonceca (!) Systems Support Analyst 416-952-1220
Aaron Wong Student 250-363-0398
Aaron Vuong (!) Student 613-941-8393
Aaron Richter Information Management Clerk 604-666-7216
Aaron Dick Senior Advisor, Change Management and Transformation 613-991-1295
Aaron Rique Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Airworthiness 604-666-1662
Aaron Conde Research Development Officer
Aaron Alexander Student
Abbira Jeyabalan Student 613-998-8232
Abdallah Qaraien (!) Student
Abdel Tahir Transportation Security Inspector 613-949-0127
Abdel Jalil Lakhtibi Special Projects Coordinator & Administrative Officer 613-998-7795
Abdelali Abdessadek (!) Safety Policy Advisor 613-219-4380
Abdeljalil Bari Sr. Analyst, Cost Recovery & Cost Accounting 613-991-2737
Abdelkerim Adem Support Technician, Infrastructure/Operations 613-991-8908
Abdellah El Aouam (!) Student 613-991-0185
Abdessamad Chtatou Consultant
Abdinaser Mohamoud Human Resources Generalist Advisor 613-991-6253
Abdourahman Mohamed Sadick (!) Consultant 613-991-0842
Abdul Audeh Policy/Economic Officer 613-949-1253
Abdulla Omar Siddique A/Manager, Compliance and Enforcement 604-666-3791
Abe Greenspoon (!) Manager, Strategic Program Policy 613-882-4375
Abida Mirza Junior Client Support Officer 613-991-3959
Abigail Fyfe Research Development Officer 343-999-7384
Abigail Charron (!) Admin Assistant 613-993-6822
Abigail Lauren Waye (!) Student 613-993-7864
Abir Khalil Access to Information & Privacy, Analyst 613-993-5050
Abir Ben Othman (!) Casual 613-949-3898
Abirami Subramanian Programmer Analyst, Application Development 613-998-9428
Abone Awaleh Service Team Officer 416-952-0217
Aboubakar Mahdi Compensation Trainee 613-998-9595
Aboubaker Jaamac Administrative Assistant 613-991-6433
Acer Anani Consultant 613-991-9152
Ad Abidi Project Certification Manager 613-355-6541
Ada Tam Manager, Office of Boating Safety 604-666-5022
Adam Sylvester Labour Relations Advisor 613-991-5919
Adam Leclerc Situation Centre Desk Officer 613-947-5071
Adam Derome Support Analyst, Infrastructure / Operations 613-894-8568
Adam Allan Product Distribution Specialist 343-542-3668
Adam Chuipka (!) Research/Analysis Officer 613-998-2693
Adam Foote (!) Student 613-949-7400
Adam Mohamed (!) A/Chief, Intelligence Security Screening Programs 613-949-1443
Adam Biffin Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Aerodromes and Air Navigation 416-669-1651
Adam Downing Superintendant Environmental Services 204-984-6755
Adam Barrett (!) Consultant 613-949-3914
Adam McWaters Consultant 613-462-1065
Adam Rosche (!) Student 613-998-3126
Adam Mcleod Senior Program Policy Analyst 343-550-4594
Adam Watkinson Student 819-420-4297
Adam Laidlaw (!) Project Officer Engineering 613-302-6313
Adam Ashton Technical Training Specialist 343-996-9035
Adam MacPherson Navigation Protection Officer 506-874-7137
Adam Sergi Programmer, Application Development 613-998-8783
Adam Szoo Policy Analyst 514-420-5808
Adam Kiesman (!) Research/Analysis Officer 613-990-8773
Adam Mohamed (!) Senior Program Officer 613-949-1897
Adam Powell Support Analyst, Infrastructure / Operations 613-949-3837
Adam Culligan Aviation Security Policy Analyst 613-990-5466
Adam Van Dusen Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 506-377-2634
Adam St Denis Human Resources Assistant 613-949-7278
Adam Crupi Aboriginal Consultation Officer 613-998-1755
Adam Deas Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Rotary Wing 250-480-2785
Adamo D'Urbano SSC Employee 613-290-5103
Adda Boubekeur (!) LAN Administrator 613-897-4793
Addison Payne Certificate Officer 416-952-0350
Adel Allain Policy Analyst 506-851-7316
Adel Boulazreg (!) Senior Policy Advisor 613-991-0700
Adele Cooper Manager, Environmental Assessment 613-949-6643
Adélène Lessard Marine Safety Inspector Assistant 418-722-3040
Adeline Kilicaslan Environmental Officer 514-633-3694
Adeline Aline Aimee Kilicaslan (!) Environmental Officer 514-633-3694
Ademola Taiwo (!) Consultant
Ademola Francis Taiwo (!) Consultant 613-949-0652
Adha Roselli Safety Policy Analyst 613-993-8576
Adil Chaudhry Project Certification Manager 613-668-9093
Adina Serdean Financial Management Officer 514-633-3813
Adlane Chaboub Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Airworthiness (Manufacturing) 438-341-2813
Adrian Nicoll Program Policy Officer 613-998-8749
Adrian Anghel Consultant 613-947-1635
Adrian Vockeroth (!) Special Advisor, NPA Review 613-998-5154
Adrian Halucha Research/Analysis Officer 613-993-8106
Adrian Lau Student
Adriana Simedrea Chief, Parliamentary Affairs 613-998-2992
Adriana Mastrostefano IO Project Leader 613-991-2794
Adriana Lovric Program Advisor 613-991-2218
Adriana Ricciardi Senior Program Officer 613-952-4409
Adriana Escober (!) Economic Analyst
Adriana Escobar Economic Analyst 613-991-6529
Adriana Petrella (!) Student 438-334-3346
Adrien Montpetit Policy Advisor 613-949-9403
Adrien Pyke Programmer Analyst, Application Development 613-990-9645