Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


Name Title Telephone Number
Aamer Mohammed (!) 613-697-5673
Aaron Snow Chief Executive Officer 613-790-3126
Aaron Rodericks Lead, Open Innovation 343-542-1661
Abdellah Rahib Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Services Sector 613-314-2632
Abdou Rahman Policy Analyst 613-618-9022
Abdoul Karim Sow Senior Policy Analyst 613-302-8158
Abhiram Sarvepalli (!) 613-943-5529
Adam Kowalczewski Analyst/Economist 613-854-6295
Adam Seddon Advisor/Economist 613-218-5672
Adam Ghadban Support Technician 613-790-0351
Adam Skoczylas (!) 613-240-2230
Adam Inch Policy Analyst 613-410-8387
Adam Nguyen Support Technician CO-OP student, Infrastructure/Operation 613-406-7184
Adam Page Economist/Analyst 613-240-2603
Adam Schjott Senior Advisor 613-219-1449
Adam Carroll Chief of Staff 613-369-3170
Adelaide Correia Senior Analyst 613-851-1053
Adna Warsame Administrative Assistant, Fixed Asset Review
Adnan Ali Communications and Research Officer 613-668-0556
Adrian Lippert Analyst 613-220-9640
Adriana Simedrea (!) Officer, Cabinet Affairs 613-946-4079
Agathe Bisaillon Financial Planning Analyst 613-808-2419
Ahmad Husain (!) Senior Internal Auditor 613-240-2808
Ahmad Syed Advisor/Economist 613-462-6931
Aida Kamara Advisor/Economist 613-790-3823
Akossiwa Houetognon Analyst 613-866-3865
Al Strynadka Senior Policy Analyst 613-889-1949
Alain Cardinal Senior Technical Officer 613-995-0960
Alain Belle-Isle Chief, Media Relations 613-716-7581
Alain Gour Analyst, ECADP Program 613-864-9540
Alain Vallée Senior Analyst 613-862-5907
Alain Beaudry (!) Senior ATIP Advisor 613-614-5429
Alain Côté (!) Director, Transformation 613-960-8598
Alain Gagne Basis Administrator 613-406-4749
Alain P Seguin Assistant Comptroller General, Financial Mgmt Transformation 613-946-9288
Alain P. Seguin Assistant Comptroller General, Financial Mgmt Transformation 613-946-9288
Alan Neeff Director, Regulatory Policy 613-286-8377
Alan Rodriguez Analyst / Advisor 613-769-3940
Alan Neeff Director, Sectoral Coordination Division 613-369-9519
Alanna Howell Policy Analyst/Advisor 613-668-5152
Alannah Hilt IM Policy Analyst 613-668-7115
Alessandra Ranalli Internal Audit Principal 613-219-4715
Alex Benay Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada 613-369-9633
Alex Lakroni ADM, Advisor to the Comptroller General 613-954-2882
Alex Mach Analyst 613-462-5704
Alex Watson Executive Assistant to the President 613-369-3170
Alexander Goddard (!) Analyst/Advisor 613-863-0173
Alexander Jasperse Strategist
Alexandra Keys (!) Advisor/Economist 613-790-0554
Alexandra Gaysek Analyst 613-698-0597