Veterans Affairs Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
(Robert) Doyle Safire Client Service Team Manager 866-522-2122
Aaron Saar Manager, Centres of Expertise 705-568-4219
Aaron MacFadyen Branch Financial Officer 902-566-8466
Abigail Rodriguez District Office Nurse 416-952-1841
Adam Paolucci Client Service Agent 866-522-2122
Adam Arsenault Senior Advisor 902-370-4614
Adele Arsenault Programmer/Analyst 902-314-5264
Adrianne VanLunen-Gallant (!) Audit and Evaluation Officer 902-626-2429
Aileen Whitehead Client Service Agent 866-522-2122
Aileen Hoar Administrative Assistant, National First Level Appeals Unit 902-426-2119
Al Peters Counsellor 306-975-6045
Alain Poirier Senior Statistics Officer 902-566-8154
Alain Duguay Case Manager 506-422-2000
Alain Cacchione (!) 000-000-0000
Alan Banman Education Officer 902-566-8075
Alan MacDougall 902-566-8246
Alana Poole Client Service Agent 866-522-2122
Alanna Robertston-Vreeland (!) A/Corporate Accounting Officer 902-566-8494
Aletha Power (!) Manager, Afghanistan & Serioulsy Injured 902-569-7692
Aletha Mitchell-Power National Program Manager 902-368-0412
Alex MacKinnon HR Administrator 902-393-8621
Alex Wellstead Press Secretary 613-996-4649
Alex Grant Manager - Veterans in the Public Service 902-314-1329
Alex Braden Staffing Officer to the Minister 613-996-4649
Alex Tremblay Communications Officer 613-558-1863
Alex Huggan Administrative Assistant 902-370-4821
Alexander Slusar (!) Policy Analyst 613-996-4649
Alexandra Baillie-David Communications Officer 613-884-7048
Alexandre Tremblay (!) Executive Assistant to Director General 613-996-0614
Alice Gallant Programmer 902-314-4986
Alicia Caro Case Manager 866-522-2122
Aline Marier-Dubé (!) Chief of Social Services 514-457-3440(2202)
Aline Cohen Intervention Officer 877-330-4343
Alisha Adat-Nurani (!) Special Assistant 613-996-4649
Alison Snider Case Manager 866-522-2122
Alison Watts Client Service Agent 866-522-2122
Alison Hanson A/Client Service Agent 866-522-2122
Alison Loney Advocacy Officer 514-283-3128
Alissa Sylverster Program Officer 613-513-7988
Alissa Sylvester Program Officer 613-513-7988
Allan Myers Operations Officer 902-626-2670
Allan MacKinnon BHSOL Operations and Business Support Officer 902-566-8717
Allan MacEachern Senior Project Officer 902-368-0673
Allan MacKinnon Senior Officer 902-566-8909
Allie Stevenovich Financial Services Agent 705-568-4089
Allyson Demers Financial Services Agent 705-568-4283
Amanda Kelly Program Advisor 902-426-1588
Amanda Jane Director, Strategic Review and Analysis 613-943-3057
Amanda Kelly (!) Communications Manager - Commemoration 902-368-0289
Amanda Lafontaine Administrative Assistant 514-496-6412