Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aarin Masson (!) Director of Communications 613-670-6886
Aarin Bronson Director 613-670-6940
Aaron Anupol Regional Information Technology Officer 437-991-9469
Abdesselam Benzakour Project Leader, Business Applications 613-868-3119
Abrauna Yakubu (!)
Adrian Cerchia Consultant - Programer Analyst 613-314-9811
Afsoon Houshidar (!) Legal Counsel 416-952-4016
Afsoon Houshidari Legal Counsel 416-952-4016
Agathe Rwankuba Research Assistant 613-878-4532
Aimable Ndejuru Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Alain Bissonnette (!) Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Alain Berube Web Support Officer 613-407-1527
Alain Boyer Consultant - Programer Analyst 819-592-0203
Alan Ritchie Director, Values, Ethics and Disclosure 613-670-6875
Alana Silvana (!) Human Resources Advisor, Workplace Well Being 343-999-3021
Alana Silva (!) Human Resources Advisor, Workplace Well Being 343-999-3021
Albert Morse HR Advisor, Central Region 416-954-5160
Alberto Pereira (!) Manager, Financial Planning Analysis and Costing 613-302-9910
Alex Svetlovsky Corporate Analyst 613-797-2043
Alex Marson Technology Officer 613-513-3871
Alex Desbiens Security Information Officer 613-943-1110
Alexander Renaud Junior HR Assistant 343-999-2542
Alexandra Dykes Director Research Directorate 613-670-6955
Alexandre Guilmaine HR Advisor, Eastern Region 514-827-1063
Alfredo Rivero Service Desk Analyst 866-598-2228
Alice Tang Assistant Deputy Chairperson, Immigration Division 604-666-7082
Alicia Seifert Coordinating Member 416-477-7968
Aline Marleau Client Relations Supervisor 613-482-1728
Alisha Arnold Information Officer 613-878-7492
Allan Casimiro Registrar 416-954-1000
Allen Trépanier Standards, Analysis and Monitoring Analyst 613-407-5327
Alyze Scott Administrative Assistant to Coordinating Members 416-954-1000
Ama Beecham (!) Member, Immigration Division, Central Region 416-401-8578
Amanda Chung (!) Database Administrator 613-292-5765
Amélie Bois Team Leader, Linguistic Services Directorate 613-878-7250
Amer Mouneimne (!) Financial Assistant 613-797-8757
Aminata Barry (!) Member, Immigration Division, Central Region 416-401-8578
Anab Ahmed (!) Senior Director 613-670-6905
Andre Regimbal (!) Service Desk Analyst 866-598-2228
Andrea Snizynsky Legal Counsel 416-973-5079
Andrea Strahman A/Manager 613-863-5177
Andréa Strahman (!) Financial Officer, Corporate Accounting 613-863-5177
Andrew Cox Technical Advisor ? Application Development 613-410-3934
Andrew Maceacheron Administrative Assistant to ADC 416-954-1000
Andrew Laut (!) Member, Immigration Division, Central Region 416-401-8578
Andy Cheng Regional Information Technology Officer 604-666-5930
Angèle Beauséjour Executive Assistant 613-670-6863
Anik Fraser (!) Special Advisor to the Deputy Chairperson, RPD 613-670-6929
Anna Brychcy Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Anna Pape Senior Communications Advisor 416-973-8349
Anna-Maria Silvestri Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Anne Gorman Senior Executive Assistant 613-670-6994
Anne Bardin (!) Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Anne-Marie Diafwila Information Management Service Assistant 613-878-3523
Annette Reichert Director 343-543-3911
Annie Leroy Administrative Assistant 613-670-7007
Annie Constantin Senior Research Analysis Officer 971559742745
Annie Lafleur Member, Appeal Division 514-283-7733
Annie Lemaine (!) Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Annie Hoang Registrar 647-292-3101
Annik Leblanc Administrative Support Officer 613-670-6930
Anshumala Juyal Senior Counsel 613-670-6942
Anthony Primiani Coordinator, Telecommunication and Material Management, Eastern Region 514-283-9091
April Curtis Legal Counsel 416-973-5077
Ashley Lawery Administrative Office 613-203-3769
Ashley Desilets Administrative Support Officer 613-000-0000
Ashley Russell Administrative Assistant ? National Registry 613-866-7857
Ashley Bédard (!)
Aziz El Omari Senior Project Officer 613-878-7357
Barbara Peters Assistant to Members 416-954-8697
Barbara Wyant Director General 613-670-6985
Bassam Khouri Legal Counsel 514-496-6891
Bassam Fawaz Programmer/Analyst 613-000-0000
Beata Fall Acting Registrar 416-744-6896
Beatrice Bearez Administrative Assistant, National Accommodation Services 343-999-7508
Ben Lai Video Conference and IT Technician, Western IT Client Services 604-666-7282
Benito Falvo Consultant - Programer Analyst 613-851-3481
Benjamin Carson UI/UX Designer 613-293-0402
Bernice Wun Training Assistant, Central Region 416-471-4686
Berto Volpentesta A/ Coordinating Member 416-954-1000
Beverley Rady (!) Assistant to Members 416-409-7414
Beverley Roberts Refugee Appeal Officer 647-241-6981
Bexultan Shayakhmetov Research Assistant 613-866-3845
Bilane Kassim Administrative Support Officer 343-550-4234
Blythe Bell Financial Management Advisor 647-449-8003
Bonnie Hall Tribunal Process Officer 613-790-7963
Brandon Pynn Database Officer 613-000-0000
Breigha Koehler Administrative Support Officer 343-542-7275
Brenda Campillo Acosta Legal Information Assistant 514-496-6872
Bridget Bell Registrar, Refugee Protection Division 604-666-5941
Brigitte Witzell Senior Project Officer 613-219-3529
Brittany Cordeau (!) Security Information Officer 613-943-1110
Brittany Munn HR Coordinator 613-000-0000
Brygida Cross Refugee Appeal Officer 604-652-3710
Cameron Pryde Administrative Support Officer 613-670-6992
Camille Pichette Editor 613-697-3252
Camille Cadieux Revisor 613-668-6811
Carlo Sanges (!) 613-123-4567
Carlos Martinez Member, RPD 514-283-7733
Carol Doiron Manager 613-793-8427