Indigenous Services Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron McEwen Internal Quality and Compliance 780-495-8789
Aaron Goertzen Maintenance Technician 204-984-5042
Aaron Little Program Support Admin Assistant 613-462-6046
Abbie Smith HFA Program Support 306-953-8897
Abdel-ilah Sadiki Planning and Financial Analystt 613-867-4024
Abdi Houssein Not Specified 613-946-5666
Abdoulie Manjang Community Health Nurse 204-335-2557
Abeer Zaher Program Supportt 613-948-4082
Abigail Green (!) Student
Abigail Ollila Student 819-934-2350
Adam Tummillo Accounting Services,Internal Co 204-291-6018
Adam Algar Policy Analyst 613-854-7256
Adam Elliott Mr 204-469-5321
Adam Rahmi Health Benefit Analyst 613-952-0935
Adam Rhyndress Student 819-639-7306
Adamo Akinboro 780-659-3730
Adan Abdi A Assistant Director of Primary 613-952-6023
Adele Gazayou Referral Clerk 204-337-2161
Adele Stiles Dental Therapist Analyst 204-984-1587
Adele Issler Executive Assistant 780-495-4468
Adepeju Oyebamiji Community Health Nurse 306-780-7721
Adnan Al Wahid Economic & Socio-Economic Analy 613-946-3298
Adrea Sinclair Jr Policy Analyst 819-934-1054
Adrian Walraven Sr Director 613-947-7693
Adrien Landry Policy Analyst
Adrien Begin Sr Policy Analyst 873-353-0325
Adrienne MacDonell Resource Pool Nurse 204-822-3514
Adrienne Hubar Not Specified
Aeron Arpin Johnson Not Specified 506-753-3487
Afshan Noor Sioux Lookout Zone Dental Officer Cost Centre Manager 807-737-1816E xt.2301
Agatha Davison Pharmacist Consultant 613-941-8203
Aggie Wood Not Specified
Agnes Tan Financial Advisor 819-955-1916
Agnès Wizere Policy Analyst 613-314-4863
Agostinho Neto Community Health Nurse 807-928-2298
Ahmad Hunaidi Planning and Financial Analyst 613-866-6874
Aïcha Fall Sr Policy Manager 613-240-4490
Aidan Burgess Manager/Advisor 819-743-5121
Aimee Brady Administrative Officer 613-301-8072
Aimie Hillier Senior Policy and Strategic Pla 780-495-8787
Aimie L Hillier (!) Senior Policy and Strategic Planning Analyst 780-495-8787
Aissa Agdi Information Systems Lead 514-496-9379
Al Hudson eHealth Infostructure Program 306-564-9133
Alan Mowatt Water Treatment Plant Operator 204-359-6731
Alan McDaid (!) Not Specified 807-776-0019
Alana Vadneau Manager 613-797-7813
Alana Pinay Contracts and Contributions Ass 306-564-9109
Alanna Mitchell (!) 613-948-2920
Albana Berberi (!) Clerk
Albert Laboucan Not Specified