Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation


Name Title Telephone Number
Alex Benay President and CEO 613-993-0775
André Dessaint (!) Manager, Exhibitions Projects 613-991-5567
Andréanne Tessier Event Coordinator 613-991-2197
Andrée-Anne Joanis Herdsperson 613-230-2770( x2041)
Andrew MacDonald Officer, New Media 613-327-6771
Andy Hristoforov Facilities Manager, CAFM 613-230-2770( x2017)
Anna Adamek Curator, Natural Resources and Industrial Design 613-991-3077
Annie Jacques Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-993-9188
Anouk Adam Assistant, Education & Interpretation 613-410-3097
Antonia Valentine (!) HR Assistant, Pay and Benefits 613-991-2714
Benoit Aubé (!) Clerk, Financial and Statistics 613-991-0009
Brian Dawson Chief, Digital Officer 613-798-6784
Bryan Dewalt Director, Curatorial Division 613-991-0648
Bryan Casey (!) Education and Interpretation Officer 613-991-2983
Carl Bergevin Buyer 613-991-3041
Caroline Desabrais Communications and Marketing Officer - CSTM 613-990-2804
Caroline Boutin Officer, Media Relations 613-949-5732
Carolyn Holland Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-990-3556
Cassandra Tilson Officer, Business Dev. Servicing 613-990-7621
Catherine Campbell Administrator, Systems and Catalogue 613-991-3969
Cédric Brosseau Assistant Curator 613-230-2770( x2015)
Cédric St-Amour Volunteer Coordinator 613-991-6091
Charles Chrétien Supervisor, Farm Operations 613-230-2770( x2040)
Christina Harb Outreach Officer 613-990-4237
Christina Carnovale (!) Officer, Education and Interpretation 613-949-5835
Christina Tessier Director General, Canada Science and Technology Museum 613-990-8598
Christine Laframboise HR Manager, Staffing and Classification 613-991-5130
Christopher Jaja Manager, Web Sites and Social Media 613-993-7828
Christopher Morin Network Security Analyst 613-324-0408
Christopher Kitzan Director General, Canada Aviation and Space Museum 613-990-5903
Christos Makris Officer, Procurement 613-991-9496
Ciara Cronin (!) Communications and Marketing Officer - CAFM 613-230-2770( x2016)
Claudia Larouche Facilities Manager, CASM 613-991-9500
Claudia Larouche Facilities Manager 613-991-9500
Corey Stephen Conservator, Special Project Manager 613-991-6268
Daniel Girard Senior Technical Support Specialist 613-991-1353
David McGee (!) Archivist 613-991-4975
David Nixon Herdsperson 613-230-2770( x2041)
David Pantalony Curator, Physical Sciences and Medicine 613-949-9165
David Sutin Manager, Internal Communications and Stakeholder Relations 613-998-8376
Dawn Hall Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-355-5789
Denis Turbide Customer Service and Systems Admin Clerk 613-990-8669
Dominique Mongeon Administrative Assistant 613-993-7192
Eliseda (Eda) Xhomara Project Coordinator 613-218-7369
Elizabeth Barney Manager, Accounting Services 613-991-6685
Elizabeth Marcotte-Mulders Vice-President, Human Resources 613-991-3042
Emily Gann Assistant Curator 613-991-5701
Erik Bisson Chief, Protection Services 613-991-3097
Erin Poulton Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-949-4062
Erin Gregory Assistant, Curatorial Research 613-993-2191