Name Title Telephone Number
Adele Torrance Archivist 613-668-1633
Alexandre Legault Senior Retail Salesperson
Alexandru (Andi) Hristoforov Director, Facilties Services 613-229-6316
Alison Ward Outreach Officer 613-323-5383
Allison Sinclair (2021) Director, Communications and Content 343-550-7547
Alyssa Singh (2021) Jr. Conservation Techncian 343-543-8736
Amanda Henry Senior Retail Salesperson 343-551-8773
André Laflamme Officer, Membership & Reservation Services 613-794-7597
Andréanne Tessier Event Coordinator 613-991-2197
Andrée-Anne Joanis Herdsperson 613-230-2770( x2041)
Andrew MacDonald Officer, New Media 613-853-7506
Andy Hristoforov (2019) Director, Facilities Services 613-230-2770( x2017)
Ann Sian Jones Clerk, Archives 613-294-4097
Anna Adamek Director, Curatorial Division 613-293-8003
Anne Lemieux Mitchell Guides 613-230-2770 x2007
Annie Jacques (2021) Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-235-7053 x279
Annie Tanguay Manager, Creative & Production Services 613-324-7180 x_____
Annique Latrémouille Supervisor, Hosts/Hostesses & Guides 613-235-7053 x2074
Anouk Adam Assistant, Education & Interpretation 613-410-3097
Antonia Valentine HR Assistant, Pay and Benefits 613-991-2714
Arianne Richeson Officer, Education & Interpretation 613-230-2770( x2003)
Audrey Vermette Director, Visitor Experience 613-990-8974
Benoit Carrière Reservations Clerk 613-991-3053
Bianca Langelier Manager, Accounting Services 613-991-0607
Brian Dawson (2021) Chief, Digital Officer 613-798-6784
Brian Casey Officer, Strategic Partnerships 613-410-9103
Brian Wragg Audio-Visual Specialist 613-255-5686
Bridjet Lee User Experience Specialist (UX) 343-550-7116
Britt Braaten (2018) Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-355-1835
Bryan Dewalt (2021) Director, Curatorial Division 613-991-0648
Bryan Christie Cataloguer 613-410-5647
C C (2021) Reservations Clerk 613-991-3053
Caroline Goulet (2021) Officer, Business Dev. Servicing 343-543-5337
Caroline Reekie Assistant, Education and Interpretation
Carolyn Holland Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-235-7053 x2059
Cassandra Tilson (2019) Officer, Business Dev. Servicing 613-990-7621
Catherine Campbell Administrator, Systems and Catalogue 343-548-7706
Catherine Emond Officer, Education & Interpretation 613-235-7053 x2078
Cédric Brosseau Assistant Curator 613-299-8967
Cédric St-Amour Volunteer Coordinator 613-991-6091
Charles Chrétien Supervisor, Farm Operations 613-230-2770( x2040)
Christian Besner Electrician 343-548-0202
Christina Harb Administrative Assistant, Collection, Research and Corporate Governance 613-903-4200 x2132
Christina Tessier (2019) Director General, Canada Science and Technology Museum 613-235-2770 x2070
Christina Tessier President and CEO, CSTMC 613-993-0775
Christine Laframboise HR Manager, Staffing and Classification 613-991-5130
Christine Clouthier Officer, Stragegic Communications
Christopher Morin Network Security Analyst 613-324-0408
Christopher Kitzan Director General, Canada Aviation and Space Museum 613-990-5903
Christos Makris Manager, Administrative Services 343-549-4126
Claudia Larouche Facilities Manager (CAFM) 613-790-4256
Cole Plewes (2021) Manager, Collection Services 613-203-2136
Corey Stephen (2021) Conservator, Special Project Manager 613-991-6268
Corrie Bouskill Officer, Interpretation 613-235-7053 x2077
Cyprien Mutorano (2019) Manager, Accounting Services 613-558-2932
Daniel Girard (2019) Senior Technical Support Specialist 613-991-1353
Daniel Filion Supervisor, Hosts/Hostesses & Guides 613-235-7053 x2087
Daniel Régimbald Herdsperson 613-230-2770 x2041
Darcy Ferron Vice-President, Business Development 613-298-1706
David Sutin Officer, Internal Communications & Speech Writing & Move 613-998-8376
David Pantalony Curator, Physical Sciences and Medicine 613-222-4812
Dawn Hall (2018) Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-355-5789
Denis Turbide Facilities Manager, CSTM 613-229-6315
Dominique Mongeon (2021) Administrative Assistant 613-230-2770 x2001
Eliseda (Eda) Xhomara (2021) Project Coordinator 613-218-7369
Elizabeth Barney (2021) Manager, Accounting Services 613-991-6685
Elizabeth Marcotte (2019) Vice-President, Human Resources 613-991-3042
Elizabeth Dimsdale Foundation Manager 613-297-4482
Emilie Paquette Clerk, Facilities Services 613-990-8669
Emily Gann Assistant Curator 613-299-8678
Erica Vanden Bosch Manager, Information Management Services 613-295-1289
Erik Bisson Chief, Protection Services 613-715-4865
Erika Range Assistant Conservator 613-324-2517
Erin Secord Manager, Conservation Services 613-301-6014
Erin Poulton Officer, Exhibition Interpretation 613-949-4062
Erin Gregory Curator, Aviation and Space 613-991-3084
Fannie Ribeyron Director, Visitor Experience 613-230-2770( x2002)
Fernand Proulx Corporation's Chief Operating Officer & Capital Projects 613-222-1535
Fiona Smith Hale Director, Knowledge Officer 613-323-6832
Frances Boudreau (2021) Human Resources Assistant 613-991-3044 x2134
Francis Audet Maintenance Person, Exhibitions
François Masson Clerk, Mail and Distribution 613-854-3185
Fraser McDonald (2019) Manager, Membership Programs 613-990-4169
Gabrielle Trépanier (2019) Audit and Evaluation Officer 613-371-4538
Gail Lacombe Graphic Designer 613-991-3068
Genevieve De Mahy Administrative Assistant, CSTM 613-235-7053 x2071
Geneviève Breton (2021) Vice-President, Public Affairs and Marketing 613-292-8353
George Skaff Financial Analyst 613-462-2984
Gillian Desnoyers (2021) Officer, Community Engagement & Special Events 613-991-4627
Gillian Portt Officer, Compliance and Reporting 613-462-1943
Gillian MacDougall Assistant, Education & Interpretation 613-230-2770 x2007
Gordon Perrault Director, Conservation and Collection Services 613-222-0866
Graham Husk Network Services Administrator 613-298-5409
Hélène Sirois Webmaster 613-407-0738
Hugo Ouellette Supervisor, Farm Operations 613-230-2770( x2039)
Isabelle Dufault Information System Analyst 613-404-8965
Jacqueline Wagner Riddle Conservator 343-551-9602
James Cram Maintenance Person, Exhibitions 613-853-6631
James Ness Herdsperson 613-230-2770 x2041
Jason Armstrong Manager, Special Projects and Science Communications 613-949-1785