Office of the Chief Electoral Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdoulaye Doumbia (!) Administrative Assistant 819-939-1846
Adam McLaren Telecommunications Officer 819-939-1221
Ageliki Apostolakos Legal Counsel 819-939-2083
Agnès Joannisse Project Officer, Elections Expenses 819-939-2023
Ahmed Saeed (!) Administrative Clerk 819-939-2111
Al Mathews Senior Investigator 819-939-2076
Alain Tremblay (!) Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1698
Alain Pelletier Director, Policy and Research 819-939-1912
Alain Bernard Assistant Director , Electoral Administrators Recruitment 819-939-1501
Alan Webb Instructional Designer 819-939-1610
Alexandra Tremblay-Plourde Procedures Officer 819-939-1626
Aline Chiasson (!) Communications Assistant 819-939-1889
Alison Anderson Manager, IT Service Delivery 819-939-1350
Allison Slaney Procedures officer 819-939-2203
Alvin Leung Operational Training & Evaluation Officer 819-939-2174
Amber Rodger (!) Analyst, Electoral Integrity Office 819-939-2467
Amélie Côté Administrative Officer 819-939-2685
Amy Yuen Election Contributions and Expenses Manager 819-939-1988
André Daigle Asst Director, Corporate Accounting and Finance 819-939-1494
André Cyr Partnership Advisor 819-939-1692
André Fecteau Policy Analyst 819-939-2014
Andréanne Rochefort (!) Chief, Operational Outreach and External Relations 819-939-2169
Andreé Mathieu Project Manager 819-939-1798
Andrée Delisle Manager and ATIP Coordinator 819-939-1296
Andrew Digney Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1706
Angela Saikaley (!) Senior HR Advisor 819-939-1580
Angéline Crites (!) Compensation Advisor 819-939-2221
Angelle Delisle Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1678
Angelo Elias Manager, Research 819-939-1881
Anil Mawani ECSN Advisor 819-939-2587
Annabelle O'Keeffe Procedures Officer 819-939-1611
Anne Lawson Deputy Chief Electoral Officer 819-939-2088
Anne Casabon Complaints Management Officer 819-939-1575
Anne-Marie Bisson (!) Technical Officer 819-939-1651
Anne-Marie Lalonde Web site Manager 819-939-1858
Annie de Bellefeuille Team Leader, Procurement and Contracting Services 819-939-1490
Annie Desrosiers Director, Voter Information Campaign 819-939-1619
Annie Guitar Administrative Officer 819-939-2944
April Freeman Data and Systems Analyst 819-939-2238
Arielle Kaneza (!) Analyst, Electoral Administrators Recruitment 819-939-2230
Arthur Eastman Telecommunications Officer 819-939-1222
Ashley Tran Senior Advisor, Procurement and Contracting Services 819-939-1469
Ashley Wagner Senior HR Advisor 819-939-2269
Avril Ford Aubry Investigator 819-934-2939
Barbara Robertson (!) Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1662
Barbara Buchholcz Financial and Administrative Assistant 819-939-1789
Benjamin Grégoire Administrative Officer 819-939-2028
Benoit Montpetit (!) Team Leader/Technical Expert 819-939-1661
Benoit Beaudoin Project Leader, DTI 819-939-1256
Bichoux Saint-Juste Senior Operations Officer 819-939-2951
Bing Li Technical Advisor 819-939-1993
Bonani Basu Acting Human Resources Advsior 819-939-1574
Bradley Lachapelle Financial and Administrative Advisor 819-939-1888
Brenda Sandelin Chief Voter Registration 819-939-2165
Brian Neubauer (!) Election Contributions and Expenses Officer 819-939-1986
Brian Kennedy (!) GIS Programmer/Analyst 819-939-1349
Bryan Parker (!) Assistant Director, Electoral Integrity Program 819-939-2018
Bryan Szucs Programmer Analyst 819-939-1319
Candace Clarke Business Process Coordinator 819-939-1474
Carine Benimana Financial Systems Analyst 819-939-1499
Carl Jetté Director, EC3 Project 819-939-1722
Carolanne Dupuis (!) Human Resources Coordinator 819-939-1578
Carole Laflamme Manager, Sector Planning, Governance and Administration 819-939-2698
Carole Bélanger Executive Assistant 819-939-1942
Caroline Perth Chief Records Management 819-939-1543
Caroline Bisson Senior Media Relations and Issues Advisor 819-939-1903
Caroline Allaire Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1680
Caroline Seguin Planning Advisor, Procurement and Contracting Services 819-939-1468
Caroline Demers Project Leader Web Hosting 819-934-1628
Catherine Levesque Analyst 819-939-2705
Céline Renaud (!) Sector Planning and Reporting Officer 819-939-1235
Céline Desbiens Director, National Register of Electors 819-939-1686
Chantal Dicaire Administrative Officer 819-939-1231
Chantal Lagacé Senior Advisor, Procurement and Contracting Services 819-939-1233
Chantal Diprose Assistant Director, Sector Admin. & Integration 819-939-1471
Chantal Sabourin Advisor, Procurement and Contracting Services 819-939-1789
Chantal Lavoie OSH and EAP Advisor 819-956-5019
Charles Simpson Project Leader 819-939-1320
Charlie Arcaro (!) Methodologist 819-939-1716
Cheryan Glasgow Data and systems analyst 819-939-2702
Chris Spiess Manager, Database Design & Development 819-939-1241
Christian Sirikali (!) Elections Contributions & Expenses Officer 819-939-2170
Christine Bingon Regional Team Coordinator 819-939-2030
Christine Roy (!) Human Resources and Administrative Assistant 819-939-1555
Christine Adams Procedures Officer 819-939-1380
Christine Cantin Logistics officer 819-939-2212
Christine Lepack Electoral Coordination Officer 819-939-2177
Christine O'Connor (!) Manager, Project Management Office 819-939-1305
Christopher Morris Procedures officer 819-939-2231
Christopher Leblanc (!) Procedures Officer 819-939-1500
Claire Courchesne Office Manager 819-939-2061
Claude Ménard Security Clerk and Driver 819-939-1412
Claude Dufault Manager, Data Management 819-939-1696
Claude Leclerc Storeperson 613-993-6365
Clay Eisenhour Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1665
Clayton Block Assistant Chief Methodologist 819-939-1717
Craig Anderson (!) Analyst, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs 819-939-1883
Craig Tewsley PF Program Support 819-939-2050
Craig Morse Manager, Data and Systems 819-939-1386
Craig Becker Director, IT Infrastructure Operations 819-934-1518