Department for Women and Gender Equality


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Larocque (!) Senior Financial Analyst 819-938-1086
Alexandre Lefebvre Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-8897
Alia Butt Director General, Women?s Program and Regional Operations 819-420-6877
Allison Ringrose Senior Policy Analyst 819-938-1204
Amélie Giroux Junior Program Officer 819-420-8865
Andrea Hotton Program Officer 780-495-8546
Andréanne Bourque Policy Analyst 819-420-6710
Andrée-Anne Mallette Program Officer 819-938-1068
Anik Aubin Senior Program Officer 819-420-8407
Anik Goudie Manager 819-938-1124
Anna Fontaine Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister, Indigenous Issues 306-807-2973
Anne Gauthier Junior Program Officer 819-420-8802
Anne Thibaudeau Junior Program Officer 819-938-1197
Anne Malépart Manager, Policy 819-420-6599
Anne-Marie Hodgson Senior Program Officer 819-420-6838
Annie Gaudet Program Officer 506-851-3642
Annie Horricks Senior Program Officer 819-420-8619
Antoine Naim Ministerial Services Assistant 819-938-1236
Ariane Sylvain-Salvador Program Officer 514-283-3919
Ashley Ramier Policy Officer 819-420-6885
Ashley Edwards Senior Policy Analyst 819-938-1093
Aspa Kotsopoulos Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-6847
Avery Velez (they/them/iel) Analyste subalterne des politiques 819-420-8600
Barbara Lazcano Program Officer 778-228-4718
Benazir Azizi Administrative Assistant 819-938-1104
Benoit Ducharme-Vachon Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-6430
Beth Dunning Senior Research Analyst 819-938-1039
Braeson Holland Press Secretary 819-420-7038
Carole Hallé Senior Financial Advisor 819-420-8451
Caroline Gagnon Web and Computer Technician 819-420-6834
Caroline Deroy Director of Parliamentary Affairs 819-420-7043
Caroline Duguay Program Officer 514-283-4742
Caroline Craig Language Quality Officer 819-938-1212
Carolyn Penney Communications Officer 819-420-8516
Catherine Laroche (!) Program Officer
Caylee Brydie Junior Policy Officer 819-420-8539
Chantal Turcotte Director of Communications 819-420-8628
Chantal Primeau Departmental Liaison Manager, Finance, Administration & Human Resources 819-420-6628
Chelsea Teague Program Officer
Christine Teske Financial Officer 819-420-6849
Christine Smith Program Officer 780-495-5577
Christine Longman Project Administrator for Real Property 343-998-7801
Christine Skladany Senior Research Analyst 819-420-8564
Christopher Evelyn Director of Operations 819-420-7043
Cindy Osborne ATIP Advisor 819-420-6817
Clara Morgan Senior Cabinet Affairs Analyst 819-938-1139
Corinne Boucher Parliamentary Relations Advisor 819-420-6815
Daniel Hambrook Policy Officer 819-420-6639
Danielle Bélanger Director, GBA Plus and Strategic Policy 819-420-8720
Dawn Harris Program Officer 819-420-6875
Debbie Gray Senior Policy Analyst 819-938-1151
Denis St-Amour Security, Accommodation and Administration Officer 613-404-6820
Denise Gareau Director 819-938-1132
Diane Fournier (!) Special Assistant/Project Associate for the Deputy Minister 819-420-6802
Diane Jacovella Deputy Minister 819-420-6801
Ekaterina Reznikova Program Officer 819-938-1229
Elizabeth Milan Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-6651
Eman Surani Program Officer 819-420-6860
Émilie Tougas Policy Analyst 819-420-8341
Éric Poitras Communications Coordinator 819-420-6823
Francis Benoit Help Desk Technical/LAN Support Officer 819-420-6830
Francois Delisle Chief, Finance and Administration 819-420-6431
Geneviève Bériault Human Resources Assistant 819-938-1259
Germaine Chazou Senior Program Officer 819-420-6857
Germaine Kapinga-MBuyi Regional Administrative Assistant 780-495-3839
Gordon Wishart Cabinet Affairs Analyst 819-420-8473
Hélène Barbe LAN/Telecommunications Officer 819-420-6898
Hilary Clauson Senior Program Officer 819-938-1057
Hoori Hamboyan Manager Policy 819-938-1106
Houda Halwani Information Management / Web Design Assistant (FSWEP) 819-420-8378
Isabella McKenna Special Assistant, Parliamentary Affairs 819-420-7029
Isabelle Drouin Public Affairs Officer 343-543-1749
Ivania Ledesma Policy Officer 819-938-1038
J. Read Leask (!) Special Assistant, Policy 819-420-7043
Jana Vinet Manager (Programs) 819-938-1010
Janice Anderson Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-6703
Janie Mayer Administrative Coordinator 819-938-1196
Jason Brousseau Chief, IM/IT Services 819-420-6832
Jayne Bergeron Program Officer 819-938-1209
Jean-François Roy Research and Evaluation Advisor 819-420-6522
Jean-Thierry Burafuta Business Manager, Grants and Contributions Management 819-420-6864
Jeniffer Montoro Garcia Program Analyst 819-938-1205
Jennifer Feeny Program Liaison Officer 819-420-6870
Jennifer Norris Parliamentary Affairs Officer 819-420-6814
Jenny MacLeod Senior Program Officer 819-420-6851
Jérôme Nepveu Cabinet Affairs Senior Analyst 819-420-6880
Jessica Bialek Policy Analyst 819-938-1123
Jill Varley Regional Director 514-283-8598
Joanne Marrello Program Analyst 819-420-6867
Jocelyn Gaumond Chief, Finance and Administration 819-420-6848
Jocelyne Campbell Finance Assistant 819-420-7012
Johanne Scantland-voyer Program Officer 819-420-6863
Joshua Kirkey Manager, Communications Services 819-420-6884
Julia Smith (!) Senior Policy Analyst 819-420-6858
Julie Nixon Manager, Client Services 819-420-6845
Julie Savignac Policy Analyst 819-420-7099
Julie Gaudet Manager, Program 819-938-1253
Julie Dubé Issues Manager 819-938-1258
Justine Villeneuve Director of Communications 819-420-7043
Kaitlyn Posselwhite Junior Policy Officer 819-938-1118