Canadian Air Transport Security Authority


Name Title Telephone Number
Abhay Tiwari Senior Advisor, Communications 613-949-4022
Abigail Dubiniecki (!) Legal Counsel 613-949-8433
Adam Thomlison Coordinator, Communications 613-993-6989
Aimée Wood Analyst, Pay, Pension and Benefits 613-991-4192
Ajay Sandhu Specialist, Asset Management and External Reporting 613-998-8751
Alain Trottier IT Client Services Officer 613-998-4528
Alex Hauszner Director, Service Delivery, Prairies 403-292-5512
Alexander Randall BI Developer 613-998-9760
Alexander Comber LAC-Archivist 888-294-2202
Alexandra Averbeck Manager, Human Resources 613-990-7686
Alexandre Parent SOC Operator 613-993-7322
Alexei Kondrackyj Advisor, Program Delivery 613-998-8684
Alison Sabadoz (!) Senior Advisor, Accounting Operations 613-993-4574
Amanda Conte Manager, Service Delivery (YUL) 888-294-2202
Amy Fan (!) Accounting Officer, Accounts Payable 613-993-6981
Amy McIlwham Analyst, Program Delivery 613-991-4034
Amy Cathcart Senior Advisor, Policy and Planning 613-949-1378
Amy MacInnis Systems Developer 613-991-3966
Andie Andreou (!) Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer 613-993-6886
André Vermette Performance Officer (YEG) 780-288-3915
André Lamonde Senior Analyst, Advanced Analytics 613-990-0749
Andrée-Anne Lamothe (!) Specialist, Asset Management and External Reporting 613-991-4104
Andrew Godding (!) Advisor, Accounting Operations 613-991-3783
Andrew Robertson Senior Advisor, Training and Certification Development 613-949-4021
Andrew Vykhodchenko (!) Regional Compliance Advisor (YYZ) 905-676-5031
Andy Roy Director, Program Delivery 613-990-7059
Andy Zerbinos Testing Advisor 613-949-4800
Angela Kemp (!) Advisor, Performance Programs 613-949-8244
Angus Watt (!) President & CEO 613-949-2500
Anne Rollo Advisor, Program Innovation 613-990-0794
Anne-Marie Tremblay Director, Corporate Affairs and Communications 613-991-4145
Annie Proulx (!) Senior Advisor, Communications 613-949-1558
Annie Bourdeau (!) SOC Operator 613-993-7322
Anthony Maiklem Regional Leader, Screening Technology (YYC) 403-292-5381
Antonio Idone (!) Manager, Asset Management 613-993-7158
Arlette Eivazi Performance Office (YUL) 514-420-0745
Ashley Bardal Senior Advisor, Advanced Analytics 613-991-4170
Ashley Farquharson (!) Analyst, Human Resources 613-949-0926
Ava Meng BI Developer 613-993-4490
Baher Radwan Manager, Systems Support 613-998-9412
Bal Badyal Performance Officer (YVR) 888-294-2202
Baljeet Pooni Performance Officer (YVR) 888-294-2202
Balvinder Dutta Team Leader, Screening Performance (YVR) 604-561-4750
Ben Fournier Advisor, IT Security 613-949-1559
Benoit Mathers (!) Team Leader, Screening Performance (YUL) 514-420-5962
Benoit Legault Director, Program Integrity 613-991-1418
Bernard Durocher Performance Officer (YOW) 613-993-6008
Betty O'Neil Senior Advisor, External Reporting 613-991-4094
Bill Hughes Manager, Service Delivery (YVR) 604-666-3988
Blain Ince Learning and Performance Advisor (YOW) 613-993-1196