Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Beaudoin Assistant Director, Labour Relations and Compensation & Benefits 613-998-9708
Adam Desrosiers Support Analyst 613-947-5428
Ahsin Rafi Articling Student 613-949-6776
Alain Godbout Senior Advisor, HR 613-998-9679
Alain Gagnon Senior Financial Advisor 613-867-4853
Alex Liculescu Planning & Reporting Officer 613-437-1529
Alexandra Pietrzak Counsel 613-998-8657
Alexandre Juneau Registrar, Western Region 613-990-3477
Alexandre Lillo Administrative Assistant 613-715-5171
Ali Amachki Financial Officer 613-991-1214
Aline Bou-Hanna Administrative Assistant to the Director 613-998-9532
Alisa Lombard Legal Counsel 613-947-0746
Alisa McEwen Case Management Officer 613-437-1584
Allan Kwan (!) Team Lead 613-818-0051
Amal Picard Acting Executive Director and Registrar 613-947-1038
Amelie Charron Case Management Officer 613-944-6204
Amélie Alrifaee Registry and Records Classification Clerk 613-219-2115
Amélie Cournoyer Articling Student 613-998-8670
Amélie Héroux-Gauthier Adjudicative Assistant 613-947-5379
Amy Clark Senior Registry Officer 613-943-1515
Amy Phan Judicial Assistant 613-947-0751
Amy Louisy Intake Clerk 613-437-1574
Andrea Sokal Information Management Analyst 613-220-3873
Andrée Bernier Registry Officer 613-947-1189
Andrew Wigmore Analyst 613-998-8603
Angela Wlotski Research and Information Services Officer 613-947-5392
Anh Day Chief Financial Officer 613-998-9668
Anick Pelletier Deputy Chief Administrator 613-946-8685
Anja Grabundzija Counsel 613-998-8640
Anja Pervan Case Management Officer 604-666-6412
Annabelle Machabee St-Georges Case Management Officer 514-458-0751
Anne Clark-McMunagle (!) Senior Legal Counsel 613-949-0671
Anne Hoatua (!) Web Coordinator 613-437-1525
Annie Roy Administrative Assistant 613-948-3602
Annie Lamarche (!) Financial Officer 613-998-9807
Annie Rémillard Manager, Financial Policies, Controls and Systems 613-998-9675
Arnhile Bontemps Intake Clerk 613-437-0373
Ashton Baker-Dickinson (!) Registry Assistant 613-990-1783
Athanasios Hadjis Senior Legal Counsel 613-949-7367
Aubrey Charette Legal Counsel 613-943-8077
Audrey Corsi Caya Articling Student 613-404-3172
Azadeh Salehi Senior Business Analyst 613-437-0465
Benoit Desjardins Manager 613-437-0443
Benoit Majeau Intake Clerk 613-437-1590
Beth Kirby Case Management Officer 613-437-1561
Bianca Zamor Registrar Officer 613-301-1543
Brian Levesque Personnel Security Officer 613-793-2724
Brian Boudreau Planning Advisor 613-991-1111
Brigitte Bisier Contracts Management Officer 613-998-0019
Brooke MacDonald Articling Student 613-947-5449