Canadian Grain Commission


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Swerdlyk Inspection Specialist 807-626-1405
Abdelhamid Saoudi Developmental Grain Inspector Trainee 418-296-4706
Abi Olubodun Program Manager, Analytical Services 204-293-9135
Adrian Asher Grain Inspector 604-666-8313
Adriana Cherewyk (!) Occupational Safety & Health Advisor 204-297-5283
AJ Wittinger (!) Procurement and Contracting Officer 204-396-4073
Alan Ashton (!) Manager, Labor Relations 204-782-7194
Alan Tarkka Grain Inspector 807-626-1407
Altash Yirdaw Technician, Variety Identification Monitoring 204-984-6636
Amanda Holden (!) Technician 204-984-2868
Amanda Houssin Policy Analyst 204-807-5859
Andrea Iverson Technician 204-983-3342
Andrew Binns Developmental Grain Inspector Trainee 519-436-2140
Andrew Morton Assistant Grain Inspector 604-666-8313
Angela Jackowski Occupational Safety & Health Advisor 204-984-2162
Anh Phan Chief Statistician 204-983-2739
Anja Richter Project Manager, Trace Elements 204-983-8995
Ann Puvirajah (!) Chemist 204-983-3354
Anna Snezyk Computer Programmer 204-984-0415
Anne Bergeron Laboratory Technician, Eastern Region 514-360-7772(210)
Anthony Pauletto Supervising Inspector 604-666-8313
Anthony Rowan Prog.Mgr., Ntl.Inspector T&D 204-983-4359
Arlene Drake Business Support Representative 204-898-7095
Barb Reynolds Grain Sanitation Officer 519-436-3193
Barry McDonald (!) Grain Inspector 250-627-3036
Benjamin Blackburn Weed Seed Analyst 204-984-6540
Bennett Ho Administrative Team Member 604-666-5880
Bert Siemens Chemist, Oilseeds 204-984-6991
Bess Hamilton Writer 204-984-2956
Bill Downward Inspection Trainer 204-983-4500
Bill Adduono Operations Supervisor, Alberta 403-816-7813
Bill Reimer Systems and Network Technical Support 204-230-6793
Bill Shea Supervising Inspector 604-666-8313
Bin Xiao Fu Research Scientist 204-984-5605
Binal Shah (!) Assistant Grain Inspector 604-666-8313
Birk Murphy Grain Inspector 807-626-1407
Blaine Timlick Program Manager, Infestation Control and Sanitation 204-983-2788
Bob Vincett Compliance Auditor 204-983-4098
Brad Speiss Technician 204-983-3321
Brad Gates Grain Inspector 204-984-7571
Brenda Tetreault Administrative Assistant 204-983-3338
Brent Mann (!) Operations Supervisor 604-666-8313
Brent Elliott Infestation Control & Sanitation Officer 204-983-3790
Brent Andrews Chief of Grain Weighing Services for Canada 204-229-0128
Bria Hunter Grain Inspector 604-666-8313
Brian Brown Chief Audit Executive 204-983-3089
Brigitte Everhardus National Facilities Officer 204-984-6600
Brigitte Dupuis Chemist, Bread Wheat Research 204-983-8033
Brigitte Henry Labratory Technician 514-360-7772
Bruce Mazur Manager, Procurement, Contracting and Material Management 204-984-0437