Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandre Sincennes-Dufresne Administrative Assistant and Webmaster 613-995-4075
André Thivierge (!) Visiting Executive 613-943-3264
Angela Briginshaw Senior Advisor for Executives 613-992-5592
Anne-Marie Lévesque (!) Receptionist and Administrative Assistant 613-995-6252
Ann-Marie Julien Visiting Executive 613-995-5435
Debbie Winker Visiting Executive 613-943-3265
France Perron (!) Executive Assistant to the CEO 613-943-8915
Francine Burdick Visiting Excecutive 613-943-8916
Hélène Nadeau (!) Visiting Executive 613-943-8916
Jean-Pierre Lamarche Visiting Executive 613-943-0332
Jennifer Clark Executive Assistant to the CEO 613-943-8915
Larry Menard Visiting Executive 613-943-3264
Line Larose Finance and Membership Coordinator 613-943-3263
Maria Pagliarello Visiting Executive 613-943-5865
Marilyn Brooks Visiting Manager 613-995-6252
Mario Baril Senior Director, Operations 613-995-5427
Michel Vermette Chief Executive Officer 613-995-6127
Michele Goshulak Visiting Executive 613-995-5443
Michèle Santilli (!) Visiting Executive 613-943-0332
Michelle Henry (!) Receptionist and Administrative Assistant 613-995-6252
Paul Rollin Visiting Executive 613-995-5458
Paul Choquette Corporation Security Officer (CSO) 613-944-6018
Rajani Alexander (!) Visiting Executive 613-943-5865
Susan Mailer (!) Visiting Executive 613-995-5435