Canadian Space Agency


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Jelley Technologist, Thermal Qualification Facilities 613-991-1486
Aaron Parsons 819-420-9722
Adam Schambers 450-926-4409
Adrian Momciu Engineer 613-990-3204
Agathe Michaud (!)
Ahmed Mahmood Manager, Missions 450-926-4432
Alain Ouellet Head, Exploration Strategic Planning 450-926-4773
Alain Dion Chief, Electromechanical Exploitation 450-926-4872
Alain Carrier Director, Engineering Development 450-926-4457
Alain Jolicoeur Senior Analyst 819-420-9770
Albert Tranquille 450-926-4372
Alejandra Triana Student - FSWEP 450-926-4824
Alex Feliziani Operations Engineer (Mission Development) 450-926-4747
Alex Jacob (!)
Alexander Ovodov
Alexander Koujelev Lead, Active Optical Sensing 450-926-4495
Alexander M Jablonski Manager, RF Qualification Facilities 613-991-6264
Alexandra Naylor (!) 450-926-4742
Alexandre Monarque Program Advisor 450-926-4727
Alexandre Gregoire-Rousseau Intermediate Operations Engineer (Logistics and Sustaining) 450-926-4724
Alexis Gagnon Programmer, Applications Development 450-926-6648
Alfred Ng Manager (Control and Analysis) 450-926-4641
Alison Currie
Alnoor Ismail Senior Systems Engineer 450-926-6686
Amélie Giguère
Amir Georgy
Amira Akrouf Administrative Assistant 450-926-4494
Amy McGuire Specialist, Satellite Data Services 450-926-6640
Anais Beaudry-Delisle 450-926-4492
Andre Boyer (!)
Andre Guerin
Andre Bolduc Chief Audit Executive 450-926-6615
André Gerges Evaluation officer 450-926-4751
André Boisvert Engineer, Project Management 450-926-5013
André Vigneault Director, Policy and External Relations 450-926-4304
André Jodoin Senior Systems Engineer 450-926-6705
Andrea Matte 450-926-4987
Andree Brissette
Andrew Graham Senior Operations Engineer (Overal Program Coordinator) 450-926-4570
Andrew Gibson Senior Engineer (Thermal) 450-926-4679
Andrew Jacques
Angela Marlene Jacklin (!)
Anh Le Ngoc (!) Intermediate Operations Engineer (Exploration Ground Infrast) 450-926-5023
Anh Lê Ngoc 450-926-5190
Anna Kapiniari Director, Communications and Public Affairs 450-926-4350
Anna Polackova Engineer, Configuration Management 450-926-4534
Anna Onufer Senior Instructional Syst Designer 450-926-6635
Anne Dauphinais Support Analyst, User Support 450-926-4891
Anne Veilleux (!) Administrative Assistant 450-926-6539
Anne Langlois Database Analyst, Database and Data Administration 450-926-6756