Canadian Tourism Commission


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Shuto (!) Executive Director, Financial Operations 604-638-8353
Adrienne Foster Director, Strategy and Corporate Planning 613-670-5793
Aline Vanetti Administrative Assistant, Global Marketing 604-638-8304
André Joannette (!) Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President, Finance & Operations 604-638-8394
Andrée Raymond (!) Manager, Translation 604-638-8249
Anna Blaszczynska (!) Executive Director, Human Resources 604-638-8329
Anwar Chaudhry Senior Vice President Finance and Risk Management and Chief Financial Officer 604-638-8394
Billy Hewett Senior Advisor to the President and CEO 613-670-5791
Bonnie Thompson Executive Assistant, Finance and Operations 604-638-8306
Camille Gauvin Translation Manager 613-290-0622
Catherine Beauchamp (!) Executive Director, Corporate Communications and Government Relations 613-608-4467
Chantal Sturk-Nadeau Executive Director, Business Events Canada 204-255-1784
Chantz Strong Executive Director, Consumer and Market Intelligence 604-638-2483
Claire Parrish Acting Executive Director, Global Market Planning and Implementation 604-638-8301
Danielle Vlemmiks (!) Director, Corporate Relations and Stakeholder Outreach 604-638-8302
Dave Robinson Vice President 613-670-5794
David Goldstein President and CEO 604-638-8399
Denyse Waissbluth Director, Corporate Relations & Stakeholder Outreach 604-638-8302
Derek Galpin (!) Senior Managing Director, China 861085299066(33)
Emmanuelle Legault (!) Vice-President, International 604-638-8392
Frédéric Charland (!) Manager, Translation 604-638-8363
Gilles Verret (!) Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Communications 604-638-8303
Gloria Loree Acting Senior Vice-President, Marketing Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer 604-638-8365
Irina Fedorova (!) Executive Assistant 604-638-8330
Jason Tso Executive Director, IT and Facilities Management 604-638-8344
Jean-Sebastien Lesage (!) Executive Director, Human Resources 604-638-8310
Jennifer Sheng (!) Strategic Advisor, Internal Communications & Stakeholder Outreach 604-638-8444
Joanna Mukai Executive Director, Financial Operations 604-638-8353
Jon Mamela (!) Senior Vice-President, Marketing Strategy/Chief Marketing Officer 604-638-2330
Laura Hutchinson Senior Liaison Coordinator 613-670-5792
Lesley Taylor (!) Office Manager and Executive Assistant to Finance 604-638-8306
Maureen Riley Vice President, International 604-638-8327
Michel Dubreuil Manager, Consumer and Market Intelligence 604-638-8331
Michele Saran (!) Executive Director, Business Events Canada 604-638-8391
Mimi Chan (!) Executive Assistant 604-638-2481
Nathalie Barret (!) Executive Assistant, Finance, Operations, HR and Strategy 604-638-8306
Philippa Horton Manager 604-638-8343
Priscilla Chong (!) Board Liaison Officer 604-638-8406
Rachel Lemos (!) Manager, Procurement 604-638-8339
Reza Khakbasnejad (!) Executive Director of IT and Facilities Management 604-638-8344
Richard Gagnon Executive Director, Human Resources 604-638-8310
Rupert Peters Regional Managing Director, Europe and India 442073899982
Sandy No Executive Assistant, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary 604-638-8354
Sarah Finstad Regional Managing Director, North America 604-638-8352
Sarah Sidhu General Counsel and Corporate Secretary 604-638-8323
Sebastien Dubois Executive Director, Industry Partnerships 604-638-8327
Wei Li Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific 86-10-85299066-33
Zemin Kheatani (!) Board & Governance Liaison Officer 604-638-8450