Canadian Transportation Agency


Name Title Telephone Number
Agnes Okyere Analyst 819-953-0336
Alain Huot Operations Support Officer 819-943-2711
Alexei Baturin Paralegal Officer 819-953-3075
Allan Matte Counsel 819-994-2226
Allison Fraser Team Leader, Regulatory Affairs 819-635-6805
Amanda Landry Administrative Assistant 819-934-2856
Andray Renaud Counsel 819-953-8941
Andre Paquette Engineer & Program Analyst 819-635-5891
André Paquette (!) Senior Infrastructure Engineer 819-994-1741
André Brunet Senior Human Resources Advisor 819-997-9322
Angela Medina Operations Support Officer 819-997-8315
Angela Gaetano Senior Complaints Officer 819-994-7687
Angela Benedict Senior Compensation Specialist 819-997-4475
Angelina Ermakov Special analyst 819-635-5148
Anik Béland Senior Human Resources Advisor 819-953-2747
Anne Banks Senior Analyst 819-997-5531
Anne Comtois Officer 819-953-9787
Anne Larocque Information Support Specialist 819-953-4411
Anne Paré (!) Tariffs Analyst 819-997-1697
Anne Pare Senior Officer 819-997-1697
Annick Koster Counsel 819-953-2236
Barbara Zielinski Technical Advisor, Application Development and Database Administration 819-953-0340
Bernadette Beaudoin Procurement Officer 819-953-8958
Bonnie O'Boyle Team Leader, Facilitation 819-997-5522
Brent Wootton (!) Team Leader, Air Licensing and Charters Division 819-997-6756
Brigitte Lemieux Operations Support Officer 819-997-4480
Bryn Ferris (!) Business Analyst 613-617-5352
Calvin Johnston (!) Senior Procurement Officer 819-953-8959
Candace Loewen Director, Information Management and Technology Services Directorate 613-617-4581
Carl Prud'homme Advisor 819-934-2858
Carole Girard Senior Director, Air Determinations 819-997-8761
Cassandre DellaZazzera (!) Senior Advisor, Special Projects 819-997-6359
Cathy Murphy (!) Special Advisor, Legal, Secretariat and Registrar Services Branch 819-997-4347
Cathy Youn (!) Licensing and Charters Officer 819-934-2858
Celine Dupont Analyst 819-997-4346
Céline Leclaire (!) Information Holdings Officer 819-953-9819
Céline Dupont Analyst 819-953-0321
Chandan Singh (!) Licensing and Charters Officer 819-953-8950
Chandan Singh-Beatty Officer 819-953-9486
Chantal Dubois Operations Support Officer 819-953-9839
Chantal Ritchot Senior Analyst 819-997-0447
Cheryl Burrell Senior Analyst, International Agreements 819-953-9521
Christine Guérette Director, Finance, Administration and Planning 613-853-6187
Christine Solomon Senior Officer 819-953-8954
Christopher Fronton Senior Officer 819-953-2222
Christopher Lukie Senior Analyst 613-410-7134
Chuck Cook Technical Advisor, Application Development and Database Administration 819-635-3092
Chun Huang Officer 819-953-0342
Claire Lauzon Operations Support Officer 819-953-9799
Craig Brooker Communications Officer 819-934-2718