Communications Security Establishment Canada

Organization Structure

Communications Security Establishment Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Anna Cunning Executive Director, Office of the Chief CSE 613-991-7546
Christopher Williams Director, Public Affairs and Communications Services 613-949-5392
Corinne Nolan (!) Office Manager, Executive Office 613-991-7241
Dominic Rochon Deputy Chief, Policy and Communications 613-998-6113
Erika Presley Office Manager, Office of the Chief CSE 613-991-7241
Greta Bossenmaier CSEC Chief 613-991-7241
Joanne Renaud Director General, Audit, Evaluation and Ethics 613-991-7435
Josée Desjardins (!) General Counsel, Legal Services 613-991-7243
Scott Jones Deputy Chief, IT Security 613-998-2200
Scott Millar Director General, Strategic Policy and Planning 613-949-2522
Shelly Bruce Deputy Chief, SIGINT 613-991-7140
Sue Greaves (!) Director General, Audit, Evaluation and Ethics 613-998-4954
Toni Moffa (!) Deputy Chief, IT Security 613-991-7391