Correctional Service Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Abderrahim Boussanni Regional Financial Services Officer 613-996-9609
Adam Bateman Correctional Staff Training Officer 613-536-4507
Adam Sylvester Labour Relations Advisor 613-355-0635
Adam Mama-Yari Official Languages Advisor 613-992-7828
Adam Wlotzki Junior Project Officer 613-943-5359
Adam Ratte Support Analyst, Operations Indigenous Initiatives Directorate 613-720-9203
Adam Crawford (2018) Junior Evaluation Analyst 613-996-5710
Adrian Murphy Project Analyst 613-943-3602
Adrian Fernandez Regional Comptroller 613-484-7307
Adrienne Coutts Senior Officer 604-217-0698
Agnès Valiquette Project lead, Accessibility 438-334-7637
Ahmad Mohsen A/HRSC Agent, HR Service Centre 343-572-3087
Aileen Harris (2021) Senior Evaluator 613-943-3466
Aimee Pianosi A/Regional Manager, Policy & Planning 343-422-3833
Aimée Legault Senior Contracting Officer 343-573-4189
Aimélie Dagenais (2017) Labour relation Advisor 613-996-3469
Aisling O?Connor Team Leader 343-573-2004
Akshay Sharma (2019) Information Management Officer 613-947-0972
Akua Duah Junior Analyst 613-947-7125
Al Dunbar Client Services Officer 780-495-3187
Al Carter Cabinet Shop Supervisor 705-924-2210(8190)
Al Mullins Instructor, Paint and Assembly 613-536-4313
Al Mullins Paint/Packaging Instructor 613-536-4314
Alain Tousignant (2017) Regional Deputy Commissioner 450-967-3300
Alain Lecompte Correctional Staff Training Officer 613-536-4658
Alain Bachand Instructor, Metal 450-263-3073(2308)
Alain Jutras (2019) Senior Corporate Staffing Advisor 613-799-1930
Alain Lefebvre Senior Project Officer, Analyst 613-947-8676
Alain Davidson Electronic Systems and Installation Engineer 613-291-0105
Alain Mathieu Bodyshop Instructor 450-263-3073(2512)
Alain Dumont Sales Rep, Syteline System 450-664-6640(3603)
Alain Bouffard Senior Project Officer 613-996-4254
Alain Tousignant Senior Deputy Commissioner 613-947-0643
Alain Fortier A/Director, Management of Learning Solutions 613-316-2403
Alan Howie Financial Officer 613-643-2438
Alan Keyes Project Manager 613-643-3929
Alan Stevenson (2019) Incident Investigation 613-888-9228
Alan Viau (2020) Director, Projects, Quality & Management Service 613-996-0709
Alan Huang Chief, Capital Assets 343-573-5935
Alanna Banks Manager, Management Services 604-557-4541
Alannah Ward (2017) Grievance Analyst 613-943-6549
Albert Denis Warehouse Instructor 306-765-8260
Albert Boucher Program Director CSC Training Academy (Regina) 306-780-8297
Albert Lau (2017) Financial Service Coordinator 613-944-6254
Alex Turcotte Senior Learning Advisor 613-947-9567
Alex Bartraw A/Project Analyst 613-943-5418
Alex Lefebvre Junior Evaluation Analyst 613-943-0970
Alex Larocque Senior Project Officer 613-884-3851
Alex Berryman Junior Project Officer 613-697-9194
Alex Xiao (2021) Senior Internal Auditor 613-000-0000
Alexandra Larabie Grievance Analyst 613-995-7067
Alexandra Cloutier Human resources assistant 819-661-8571
Alexandre Giguère Manager - Contracting and Material Services 613-943-1441
Alexandre Amiot Grievance Analyst 343-573-6303
Alexandre Clairmont (2019) Senior Project Officer/Analyst 613-947-9578
Alexandre Jean-Baptiste Human Resources Advisor 343-572-5317
Alexandria Mayer Senior HR Advisor 613-996-9229
Alexia Dumouchel Developmental Project Officer, Human Rights 343-573-1852
Alexis Nicol Administrative Project Officer 613-992-5417
Alexis Perrier (2017) Senior HR Advisor 613-943-3203
Ali Al-Munayer Programmer Analyst, App Dev 613-996-6122
Alice MVUKIYEHE Strategic Financial Advisor 613-000-0000
Alicia Demiak A/Team Leader 306-659-9308
Alison Thomas (2021) Jr Project Analyst 613-995-1339
Alison Donker Senior Labour Relations Advisor 613-943-2192
Alka Bhalla National Pharmacist 613-943-5274
Allain Savoie Metal Shop Instructor 506-379-4032
Allan Ryan Senior Project Coordinator 613-996-9126
Allen Tooker Security Maintenance Officer 506-623-4300
Allison Lever (2018) A/Junior Project Officer 613-992-1226
Allison Near HR Planner 613-995-5374
Allison Rose A/Senior Project Officer 613-219-4734
Allison Burton A/Senior Analyst 613-943-6784
Allison Storring Nursing Project Manager 613-545-8159
Alma Ianiro Senior Consultant, Conflict Management & Values and Ethics, NHQ Region 613-947-3953
Alpha Baldé (2019) Project Officer, Project Control & Finance 613-943-0723
Alvin Kube (2018) Manager, Aboriginal Relations 613-992-6005
Aly Alexandre (2020) National Advisor OHS and RTW Programs 613-947-6620
Alycia Drouin A/Investigations Officer 613-947-8542
Amanda Wark Manager, Capital Assets and Special Projects 343-543-5695
Amanda Nadeau (2021) Asset Coordinator 613-943-5058
Amanda Quinn (2016) Advisor 613-996-6941
Amanda Harrington Policy Advisor 613-992-8324
Amanda Gordon Advisor 613-943-2572
Amanda Bower Senior Learning Advisor 613-296-1584
Amanda Nichols Administrative Officer 613-944-1755
Amaria Boukheloua (2017) Finance Analyst 613-996-0775
Amarjit Kainth A/Agent 604-870-2532
Amber Reeve (2021) A/Senior Project Officer 613-769-3907
Amélie Nolet Administrative assistant 418-285-2455( x2310)
Amey Bell Manager Employment and Employability 613-634-3321
Ammar Lafth Electronic Security Systems Engineer 613-947-5199
Amy Lim Project Analyst 613-286-6557
Amy Jarrette Associate Assistant Commissioner 613-996-5476
Amy Usher Research Officer 613-943-8871
Ana Zavala Senior Project Officer, Human Rights 343-573-5740
Ana-Livia Rodriguez A/ Senior Analyst 343-573-2209
Andre Arnet-Zargarian Grievance Analyst and Corporate Reporting 613-941-7781
André Rousseau Instructor, Welding Shop 450-263-3073(2303)
André Fortin Textile Instructor 819-477-5112(201)