Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency


Name Title Telephone Number
Aiden Ryan Client Support Specialist 709-772-6202
Alan MacDonald Senior Advisor 613-954-0438
Alan Kinnie Manager, International Business Development 506-381-9340
Albertine Cormier Development Officer 506-395-1024
Alex Saulnier Assistant International Trade and Investment Officer 506-860-0195
Alexander Smith Director, Communications 902-426-9417
Aline Goyette (!) Account Assistant 902-426-2078
Allison George Records/Mail Management Assistant 709-772-2968
Amanda Handrigan Policy Analyst 709-746-4701
Amy Wright Administrative Assistant 902-426-5135
Amy Callahan (!) 709-772-2945
Amy Schroeder Evaluation Analyst/Analyste de l'évaluation 613-863-0956
Anastasia Day Account Manager 709-746-1184
Anastasia Good English-French Writer-Editor 506-961-3299
Andre Chiasson Inter. Bus. Dev. Officer 506-962-4702
Andre Bucumi Economic Development Officer 506-451-2540
André LeBlanc Finance, Accounting and Control Officer 506-871-2663
André Charron Director General, Regional Operations 506-452-2413
Andrew Parsons Senior Industrial Development Officer 902-426-9085
Andrew Noseworthy Senior Advisor, Energy 709-772-5713
Angela Léger Administrative Services Asst. 506-452-3241
Angela Harper Administrative Assistant 506-227-5787
Angela Cullen Senior Communications Officer 506-851-2639
Angele Bastarache Administrative Assistant 506-961-3299
Angelise States (!) Assistant Account Manager 709-772-6656
Anita Symonds (!) Manager, Financial Services 709-351-1364
Ann McGaghey Business Information Officer 506-789-6033
Ann Kenney Senior Communications Officer 506-452-3687
Ann Marie MacAdam Administrative Assistant 902-566-7875
Anne Marks (!) Account Assistant Specialist 506-452-4994
Anne Duffy (!) Executive Assistant 902-426-6965
Anne Gaudet Administrative Assistant 506-851-3813
Anne Bellavance Account Assistant Specialist 506--292-7514
Anne Hicks Business Information Officer 506-789-6035
Anne LeBlanc Financial Officer 506-871-0982
Anne Marie Blake Executive Assistant 709-772-5713
Anne Marie White Account Manager 709-746-3017
Anne-Louise Dauphinee Economic Development Officer 902-426-9092
Annette Flanagan (!) Finance Support Analyst 506-851-6260
Annick Leger Policy Analyst 902-426-9708
Annie Boudreau Manager, Innovation 506-871-1447
Annik Noel Account Officer 506-548-7463
Archie Gallagher Account Manager 902-564-3607
Ashley MacDonald Assistant Economic Development Officer 902-314-0020
Audrey Lorimer Director, Cabinet & Policy Advocacy 613-954-6232
Aurélie Cormier 506-851-2430
Barbara Coates (!) Executive Assistant 709-772-2452
Barbara Kalinowski Economic Development Officer 506-452-3551
Barbara Gagnon-Thériault Director, Finance & Corporate Services 506-444-6164
Barbara Knox Stairs (!) Administrative Services Assistant 506-452-3723