Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Goudreau Section Head - Operations Analytics section 613-943-0398
Alexandre Jouan Section Head, Spectral and Geospatial Exploitation 418-844-4000 x4592
André Pageau Associate Center Director S&T and Commander Officer MSU 418-844-4000 x4204
Andrew Vallerand Chief Scientist 403-544-4627
Anne Clément Acting Communication Officer, Communications 418-844-4000 x4623
Annie Théberge Acting Service Head, Environnement, Health and Safety 418-844-4000 x4264
Annie Labbé Analyst and Senior Advisor 418-844-4000 x4197
Annie-Claude Guyot Service Head, Program & Capacities 418-844-4000 x4776
Ann-Renee Blais Acting Head, Individual Behaviour and Performance Section 416-635-2163
Benoît Lévesque Acting Leader, Data and Architecture 418-844-4000 x4537
Benoît Cantin Section Head, Management of Major Project and Prototyping 418-844-4000 x4589
Bruno Gilbert Chief Scientist 418-844-4000 x4463
Carey Larsson Section Head, Threats & Hazards 613-995-6090
Chantale Couture Senior Advisor 613-901-1925
Charles Fiset Leader, Applications Development 418-844-4000 x4054
Colin Murray Director Knowledge & Technology: Community Safety 613-943-2508
Dale Reding Director General S&T Air Force and Navy 613-992-4338
Dan Hutt Head, Underwater Sensing 902-426-3100(199)
Dave Hopkin Head, Maritime Asset Protection 902-426-3100(248)
David Francoeur Leader, Security and Safety 418-844-4000 x4666
David Oxford Manager, Corporate Services 902-426-3100(121)
David Hazen Head, Technology Demonstration 902-426-3100(322)
David Pedersen Director Knowledge & Technology : Security 613-944-8187
Denis Bergeron Centre Director 416-635-2047
Denis Carrier Superintendent, Munitions Experimental Test Centre 418-844-4000 x4605
Elaine Robillard Administrative Coordinator 613-990-2993
Emily Pearce (!) Executive Assistant 613-992-6688
Éric Boivin Projects Manager, Management of Major Project and Prototyping 418-844-4000 x4394
Farida Souiki Partnership Advisor, External Relations 418-844-4000 x4169
France Lanouette Responsible, Finance 418-844-4000 x4125
Francine Desharnais Head, Maritime Information and Combat Systems 902-426-3100(183)
Gaétan Thibault Section Head, Command, Control and Intelligence 418-844-4000 x4384
Gary Geling Centre Director 403-544-4733
Geraldine O'Shea Executive Assistant to Centre Director 418-844-4000 x4526
Gisèle Robert (!) Senior Administrative Coordinator 613-995-6906
Greg Walker A/Section Head, Decision Support and Project Management 613-943-0745
Guy Vézina Director General S&T Army 418-844-4000 x4255
Guy Bergeron Action Section Head, Weapons Effects and Protection 418-844-4000 x4443
Guylaine Caron Administrative Assistant, Chief Scientist 418-844-4000 x4762
Hugues Lecomte Leader, IT Operations 418-844-4000 x4460
Jack Pagotto A/Director Knowledge & Technology: Transition Innovation 613-943-6966
Jacques Lavigne Centre Director S&T 418-844-4000 x4292
James Kennedy Director General, DRDC Atlantic 902-426-3100(133)
Janin Huard Acting Business Manager, Corporate Services 418-844-4000 x4239
Janot Alain Projects Manager, Management of Major Project and Prototyping 418-844-4000 x4992
Jean Maheux Section Head, Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance 418-844-4000 x4389
Jean Fortin Acting Section Head, Electro-Optical Warfare 418-844-4000 x4463
Jean-Luc Bédard Projects Manager, Management of Major Project and Prototyping 418-844-4000 x4119
Jenny Duplain Leader, Supply 418-844-4000 x4462
Jocelyn Tremblay Director General S&T Centre Operations 613-901-1850