Employment and Social Development Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Roper (2022) Project Manager
A. Susan Amatangelo Senior Project Manager 416-270-4776
Aadan Jaamac IT Manager, SS+DBM 819-654-0360
Aad-Yean Faisal (2022) Research Advisor
Aad-Yean Faisal Policy Officer
Aakansha Prasad Policy Officer
Aakash Sehgal Payment Services Officer
Aakelah Jamal (2022) Senior Policy Analyst 819-654-3559
Aalya Dhanani Essa (2020) Policy Analyst 819-654-3429
Aanjeni Twenish Technician IM IT
Aara Sidenius (2020) Senior Policy Analyst
Aarane Thavalinkham (2022) Communications Marketing Mgr 647-790-9571
Aaron Segaert (2019) Policy Analyst 819-654-2291
Aaron Thompson (2022) Progmr Analyst, Applicn Dev 819-654-0669
Aaron Kozak Policy Analyst 819-654-6429
Aaron Gordon (2022) Senior Policy Analyst 819-654-4263
Aaron Boyes Policy Officer
Aaron Dang Manager, IT Bus Line Supp Serv 647-763-8786
Aaron Sampson Senior Policy Analyst
Aaron Williams Clerk, Claims Administration 873-396-1362
Aaron Stafford (2022) Tech Adv, Business Analysis
Aaron Hammond (2021) Payment Services Officer
Aaron Fonceca (2022) Supp Tech, Infrastructure/Ops 506-777-6576
Aaron So (2021) Payment Services Officer
Aaron Kaatz HR Advisor Pol and Prog
Aaron Waddell (2021) Senior Program Dev Officer 902-569-7020
Aaron Kingsbury (2021) Officer, Program Services
Aaron Cooper IT Analyst, DBM
Aaron Coleman (2022) Program Officer
Aaron Blok Program Advisor 519-953-6224
Aaron Feniak Exec. Dir.
Aaron Hammond Service Canada Benefits Offcr
Aaron Morrison IT Technician, IO
Aaron Sidon Business Expertise Advisor 416-779-5364
Aaron M Paice Manager 819-654-4802
Aathethiyan Govindaraja Program Officer
Aba Yorke Program Consultant 780-395-7527
Abbra Kaufmann (2021) Payment Services Officer
Abby Tavares (2021) Support Clerk
Abdallah Saket Supp Tech, Infrastructure/Ops 819-329-8962
Abdallah Bakir Officer, Passport
Abdallah Yehia Ansari Officer, Passport
Abdel Samie Felfel (2021) Senior Research Advisor 873-396-1357
Abdelaziz Taoufiq (2021) Payment Services Officer
Abdelhadi Echour (2021) Payment Services Officer
Abdelhakim Kaci (2021) Progmr, Applicn Development 819-654-1281
Abdelhakim El Mansouri HR Services Assistant
Abdelkader Lahyane Tech Advisor, Application Dev 613-690-1494
Abdelkader Kouaci (2022) Business Expertise Advisor
Abdelmajid Esanhaji Director 819-654-5788
Abdelmajid El Kaissouni (2020) Officer Labour Affairs 438-892-1785
Abdelmalek Kara Language Training Specialist 819-654-5692
Abdelmalek Zahzam Assistant, Executive Services
Abdelmalek Zahzam (2022) Officer, Business Services
Abderrahmane Chouaki Senior Business Analyst
Abdessamed Bahi Citizen Services Officer
Abdi Mahamad IT Team Leader, SS 819-654-0379
Abdi Jama Progmr Analyst, Applicn Dev 819-654-8277
Abdi Waberi (2021) Web Publishing Specialist 613-710-4224
Abdikheir Ahmed (2021) Minister Exempt Staff
Abdou Saouab Director 819-654-3722
Abdoulaziz Mohamed (2022) Program Advisor 343-572-6584
Abdoulkader Ismail (2019) Human Resources Officer 819-654-4851
Abdoulkader Ismail (2019) Technical Advisor Comp Ben 613-690-1542
Abdoulrahim Camara Officer, IT and Web Services
Abdul Khan (2019) Tech Adv IT Bus Line Supp Serv
Abdul Samad (2020) Program Officer
Abdul MujeebSamad (2022) Program Officer
Abdul Henriksen (2021) Payment Services Officer
Abdullah Al-Badarneh (2020) Courseware Developer 819-654-5955
Abdullah Osman (2022) Regional Policy Advisor (Ontario) 819-654-5611
Abdunsir Mouna Program Advisor
Abdur Matin Tech Advisor, Application Dev
Abdurahman Ahmed (2021) Progmr, Applicn Development
Abe Lewis (2019) Manager, Branch Internal Communications 819-654-2162
Abeer Farhat Policy Officer
Abel Lauture (2020) Payment Services Officer
Abhi Bhandari Evaluation Officer 819-654-7993
Abhinash Wijesinghe Progmr Analyst, Applicn Dev
Abhinav Rao (2022) Data Analysis Coordinator
Abibatou Ka Policy Analyst 819-654-7443(7443)
Abid Syed (2021) Payment Services Officer
Abidah Ratansi (2020) Senior Research Advisor
Abigaël Guénette Program Consultant 613-360-7438
Abigail Hambly (2020) Senior Manager, Project 819-654-1856
Abigail Kidd Policy Analyst
Abigail Wilkes (2019) Junior Project Officer
Abigail Edwards (2022) Administrative Generalist 873-396-0723
Abigail Chan Business Strategies Consultant 343-549-5565
Abigail Jaggan (2022) Payment Services Officer
Abigail Gillen Sr Officer, Quality Control
Abigail Joseph Generalist Admin Services 873-396-0723
Abigail Sze Pui Chan (2019) Junior Policy Analyst 819-654-3349
Abigayle Gaumont Junior Policy Analyst
Abiodun Odueke Governor Council
Abiodun Isaacs-Sodeye Payment Services Officer
Abiola Adebisi (2021) Real Property Project Officer 306-517-1192
Abir Ben Othman (2020) Administrative Assistant 873-396-0825
Abirami Thirumalaisamy Business Analyst
Ablaye Diop Assistant, Executive Services